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[text] Make sure you’re alone- I don’t want anyone else seeing what I’m about to sent you. 😏

harry paulie

hey baby

hi, what’s up?

nothing, was just thinking about you.

awww!! are you enjoying your day off? (without me ☹️)

yeah but i’m a little bored. what are you doing right now? is it busy in the store?

no, the usual. why?

can you make sure you’re alone? i don’t want anyone else seeing what i’m about to send you.

am i getting a dick pic?

do you wanna get a dick pic?

well… yeah? i guess

could you sound any less excited?



you’re not getting a dick pic.

oh come on, i was joking!

no you ruined it for yourself

oh baby. can i please have a dick pic?




you’re an idiot. come on send me the pic

please? (i’m pouting)

you really want it?


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How to support your boyfriend’s attempt at stand-up: a visual, step-by-step guide by Misha Collins

1. When he tries to ‘set the stage’ by asking “Did you hear [the joke] about the _____,” indulge him by saying “I have, but I’d like to hear it again” (even though you’ve literally heard it a hundred times):

2. Once he starts telling the joke, be engaged and set a good example for the audience:

3. Observe the audience’s reaction on his behalf:

4. When he’s done, encourage the audience to react favorably:

5. Sometimes, the joke might not take, and your boyfriend will start pouting and asking if his mic was on. If this happens, wipe that sweat off your brow and get up. It’s time for some T.L.C.:

6. Contact is important! Touch his shoulder to ground him and provide immediate comfort:

7. Time to deflect his attention. Share an inside joke that you know will make him laugh:

8. He’ll be so busy laughing that he’ll forget all about his stand-up career. And besides, who needs stand-up when he has you to make him laugh. Is he still laughing? Good. He probably won’t stop for an hour (or for however long you’re both on stage). Look how happy he is. You’re a great boyfriend. Go you.

Victor/Yuri: Your Love Is More Than Worth Its Weight In Gold

Five times Victor and Yuri kiss after the Grand Prix Final, and one time it leads to more. 3.5K.

The dress code for Phichit’s holiday party is somewhat of a cultural shock for Victor. “Why ugly sweaters?” he tilts his head, glancing up from the invite open on his phone. “You had parties like this in Detroit?”

Yuri chuckles as he towels his hair dry. “Yeah, they’re pretty popular actually,” he says, meandering toward the bed to sit beside Victor. Letting the towel hang loose around his neck, he rests his cheek against Victor’s shoulder. “The point is just being silly with all of your friends. Phichit’s sweaters were always a hit.”

“Yeah?” Victor ruffles his hair, uncaring that it’s damp from a recent shower.

“Mm,” Yuri leans into the touch. “He even won a gift card at our campus bookstore.”

“There are prizes?” Victor asks curiously, his ears perking up with interest.

“Not always,” Yuri shrugs, “but I won’t be surprised if Phichit planned something.” He pulls back slightly to study Victor’s face, noting the determination crossing his features. Their tightknit circle is nothing if not  competitive, after all. “Do you want me to help-”

Victor’s already on Amazon.

They end up expediting two sweaters to Barcelona since Yuri’s is packed in a box halfway across the world, and much to Yuri’s consternation, they’re a matching pair – “A couple look!” Victor says. Each has a Santa that’s tangled in lights with bulbs that turn on with a switch on the sleeve. Mr. Claus is embroidered along the hem and Victor seems gleeful at how obnoxious they are. 

“This is outstanding,” he holds his up, smiling like a kid, all sunshine and charm.

It’s infectious and Yuri can’t help but mirror it back with a grin of his own.

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do you know any good harry styles fanfic that likes similar to awkward beat? like good writing and amazing character :) THANKS! <3

For fake dating, I suggest Come and Fade me by @paynethecreator, Not A Bad Thing by @booksncoffee, The Faux Affair by @looselucy, and Forever Hold Your Peace by @cheesewithchips! A couple of those fall under the uni au category as well, but some other Harry uni au’s are The Golden Hour by @standingfacingwest, Matched by @mrsmiresa, and Dandelion and Burdock by @stylesprimes. As always, though, if anyone else has any other recs, then please send them in!

– Leesh


terms and conditions

A/N: In the next installment of “Things Leesh Has Started But Never Finished,” we remember that time I started writing an enemies to lovers au where Brooklyn, the OFC, tags along with Harry to his sisters wedding as his fake girlfriend. You’re also in luck because there’s also a part two of this one if anyone’s interested. Enjoy!

My mind is a jumbled mess of Broadway musicals and equal rights movements when I hear the front door open, soon followed by the grumbles of my flatmate entering the kitchen with an arm full of groceries. She furrows her brows the second she spots me sitting at the bench with my laptop open and a perpetual frown burnt into my skin. “Brooklyn, please tell me you’ve picked a topic already,” Liz says, placing the groceries on the bench nearby.

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“Wow, look what we’ve got here. Hey, explain the stars for me, Dr. Novak. Which one is Aquarius?”

Dean knows exactly which one; Cas has pointed it out dozens of times. But it’s a tradition, something of theirs, of two best friends dreaming of going into space someday. So Castiel, pleading with his heart to take a break from being lovelorn, puts on his best scholarly voice and tells Dean the mythologies of Aquarius, Aries, and Leo. Because it isn’t Dean’s fault that Cas is hopelessly in love with him, and it isn’t Dean’s fault that Cas can’t imagine ever wanting anyone else.

-Stellar (Meet Me in Outer Space) by youaresunlight

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Long shot but does anyone know any fics similar to Boys Don't Cry by oxygenstyles? My fave eveeeeer

Definitely one of my faves as well! Some either of a similar nature or are just uni au’s are Dandelion and Burdock by @stylesprimes, Come and Fade Me by @paynethecreator, Forever Hold Your Peace by @cheesewithchips, Butterfly Boy by @looselucy, and The Golden Hour by @standingfacingwest. But as always, anyone is welcome to send in recs.

– Leesh

Best question from J2 panel so far

Fan: [sobbing at the mic] I was just wondering what kind of cologne you guys wear.
Jensen: That is a heavily guarded secret.
Jared: What’s the occasion?
Jensen: Don’t act like you change what you wear depending on the occasion! You wear the same crap to the gym that you do when you go out to dinner with your wife.
Jared: I wear two things: natural musk and the stench of regret.
Jared: No, I, um. So, I love Misha and-
Jensen: I don’t even know you.
Jared: But sometimes when he comes on set, we all go, ‘Oh, Misha’s here. He’s on the crystals again.’
Jensen: [walks away laughing]
Jared: Because he has these vegan deodorant crystals, and their only purpose seems to be amplifying the smell.
Jensen: TRUE MUSK.