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Whoo! First part of the SPN Fanfic Appreciation challenge! I’ve thought long and hard about who I’d put on my list of fave writers, but even then narrowing it down to a top five was nearly impossible. I know a ton of fabulous writers in this fandom, but today I’m gonna focus on my absolute, one hundred percent faves. 

@puppycastiel (aka, youaresunlight)
What to read first: Your Eyes Look Like Coming Home 
Why I love the author: Leesh was one of the first Destiel fic authors I found in this fandom all those years ago. I think the first fic I read was either Your Eyes Look Like Coming Home or Leave You Breathless, an amazing Cockles fic if that’s more your thing. Either way, any fic of Leesh’s is bound to be amazing because she puts a lot of care and thought into her words. I could recommend all of them, but that would take a thousand years because she’s written a boatload for this fandom already. She’s always my go-to when you need a good, fluffy fix on a bad day, especially if you’re a fan of mutual pining and happy endings. 

What to read first: The Lonely Sea and Sky
Why I love the author: Emily’s fics are always a treasure to read. Her writing is poetic and her descriptions will transport you to another place, almost like you’re in the fic with the characters. She is a talented writer who also is not as well known as a few other writers, but is to not be overlooked. Her fics are beautiful and are always good to read when you’re looking for a bit of tooth-rotting fluff, but she can also bring out a good punch of angst, too. Really, I read The Lonely Sea and Sky at work and was trying not to cry at some parts because it was so wonderfully written! Check Emily out and discover her gold mine of fics. 

What to read first:
Flirting With Disaster
Why I love the author: Okay, I will be truthful, I’ve only ever read Flirting With Disaster from this author, but that one fic alone makes them a fave forever. The author’s writing is ugh, out of this world good. Their writing is not only fluffy, but it is funny too. Oftentimes, people try to be funny but aren’t. This writer is actually funny, and you find that in Flirting With Disaster. The comedy is on point and the characters are portrayed wonderfully. I can’t wait to read the rest of their Deancas fics :)

@thebloggerbloggerfun (aka K_K_TiBal)
What to read first: Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
Why I love the author: Michaela is another author who I enjoy greatly. The fic I rec’d above is one of the best, most entertaining things I’ve read in this fandom. I never thought a fic told through a bunch of text messages would ever work, but she worked it out wonderfully and told a fantastic tale through that format. Along with that fic though, there are a ton of others that are just as beautiful. Her writing is unique and fun. Her words are fabulous and will leave you grinning ear to ear. Check out any of her AO3 fics for a good Deancas fix. 

@deanghostchester(aka, viviansface)
What to read first: The Shadows We Draw 
Why I love the author: I first read a fic from Michelle last year when I claimed her DCBB fic, The Shadows We Draw. I fell in love with her writing style immediately, and the way she portrayed emotion and thrill in that fic was nothing less than amazing. What’s absurd though is how underappreciated Michelle’s fics are in this fandom. A lot of people don’t know her fics, which is unacceptable, because in my opinion, and not just because we’re good friends, she’s one of the best writers in this fandom. She writes fluff and angst and thrillers that will leave you on the edge of your seat, grasping for the next paragraph. Her fluff is adorable and will have you grinning, and her angst will leave you wanting to read on. Basically, just read everything on her AO3. 

Ugh, I want to rec a ton more but alas, I’d be here forever. All of these people are amazing though, and reading their fantastic fics is always a pleasure. 

❝ Little word of advice —- ❞ the stern tone that found its way into the male’s voice was natural, dark brows furrowed and displaying the obvious look of un-amusement across his face. already sporting his ‘official counsellor’ attire, Poe wasn’t exactly finding himself threatening in a t-shirt and sweatpants, but he was successfully compensating for that with his personality. ❝ – Try looking a little less suspicious on your first day in. It’ll prevent me from having to actually attempt to get you to talk to me. ❞ a casual shrug, before his hand reaches out towards the other and waits. ❝ Whatever you’re trying to sneak in, it would probably be best you hand it over to me. ❞

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Does anyone know stories similar to awkward beat and butterfly boy ??

Do you mean uni au’s? Because if so, a few I enjoy are: Forever Hold Your Peace by @cheesewithchips (also, let us cry together because it’s back!!!), Come and Fade Me by @paynethecreator, Matched by @mrsmiresa, Boys Don’t Cry by oxygenstyles, and Love is a Laserquest by @lifeinblueprint! But I welcome more recs being sent in!

– Leesh

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Awww she drew her own nose on the first Mulder pick then it went downhill and she drew a dick. Never put her on a leesh let her run wild with no chill. It's good for her and us.

Nochillian is the best Gillian.

NAME: leesh
GENDER: cis woman

EYE COLOR: green
HAIR COLOR: reddish brown
ZODIAC: taurus

FAVORITE COLOR: why do you ask me these things? i love a lot of colors and never have a solid fave.
FAVORITE SEASON: fall and winter. i hate summer with the passion of a thousand oppressive suns
FAVORITE PLACE: san diego beach. never go in the water, love walking the boardwalk.
FAVORITE HOLIDAY: halloweeeeen
LAST SHOW/MOVIE YOU WATCHED: last show – stranger things / last movie - ghostbusters (2016)

Jubilee is such a survivor like you don’t even know! But the thing is, everyone tries to paint her over as captain happy mcsunshineshorts and while yes, she can be very happy and upbeat, she also suffers depression and given everything she has gone through like damn, it’s easy to see why. But no matter what, she soldiers on and keeps that chin up, even when her world is crashing down around her, even when she has no one or when she has everyone but they don’t understand what she’s going through. Like that is admirable as hell. I look to her when my situation seems bleak because I want that kind of strength. She was my hero when I was bullied as a child and she’s my hero now. Like god damn, let’s all love Jubilee because she’s the real MVP.

she’s too young for me. but i’d want her as a best friend for sure.

ones that develope her character. i will admit i get these urges to write her more monstrous side (i have that urge right now, it always creeps in when the halloween stuff comes out) i just love playing with the duality of who she tries to be and what she was made to be. it’s a big theme on my blog and it’s just something i’ve been working on for 4 years here. it’s so important to me.

i am. for my own mental health. i’ve dealt with some real gross rpers in my time here and its made me more selective.

Jubilee. Future Jubilee. But mostly regular Jubilee. Love my girl.

The cartoon. The 1992 X-Men cartoon. I saw this spunky kid in a yellow coat and I wanted to be her. I’ve been X-Men trash ever since… with a small vacay between M-Day and Curse of the Mutants because they ditched my girl and I had no idea she was in vol 4 of New Warriors until after the fact.

Well, I mean, we’re at roughly 14 years in the fandom so…

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can you link me to with the new crowd and a league of their own

Here is With the New Crowd and here is A League of Their Own. But in future reference, please do note that we have the search function on our site for this very reason. If you look right here, you will see that you can find absolutely any story on the site by searching a penname or title, or even search things contained in a summary or the entire story! Or an even lazier way out (which is something I do myself a lot) is by simply googling the title with “1dff” after it, and nine times outta ten, it’ll be the first link or two! (eg. to find With the New Crowd, you could simply google “with the new crowd 1dff”)

– Leesh

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Has anybody read the story where you find your soul mate and your like watch thing changes? And in the story her watch changes but she doesn't know who made it change!! it's a Harry fic, and I can't seem to find it!!

Ah that I’ve not read but I would absolutely love to! Does someone know it?

– Leesh

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well bitch I searched with the new crowd or a league of their own (I don't remember now) the exact way you just said but the user wasn't the same as the one I once saw on a post you/other admin. had liked. Be nice

I think you should take your own advice.

– Leesh

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THANK YOU! I’ll only be on in the mornings (est time) while husbando is still asleep until Monday or Tuesday when my baby returns to me. But this still feels very nice. I missed this place. I missed everyone here. I filled the void with Fallout 4 (can you guess I basically made Jubilee?) and have leveled up ridiculously and it still hasn’t helped fill the void of missing everyone here so so much. Thankfully, I backed up ALL my rp stuff and important files on my external. Huzzah!