• Jensen: For those of you on the Interweb, there are a lot of cat videos out there. Someone sent me one, I thought it was funny. I chuckled. So I showed Misha. He chuckled. Then Kathryn saw it. She chuckled. And it was her idea. She said, "Hey, you should do a human re-enactment." So we filmed it and then she started editing it and speeding it up and slowing it down and I was like "How?! Oh, right, you're 18." Then she posted it and the number of views shot up the next day and I thought, 'Agh, I just recreated a cat video.'

“Wow, look what we’ve got here. Hey, explain the stars for me, Dr. Novak. Which one is Aquarius?”

Dean knows exactly which one; Cas has pointed it out dozens of times. But it’s a tradition, something of theirs, of two best friends dreaming of going into space someday. So Castiel, pleading with his heart to take a break from being lovelorn, puts on his best scholarly voice and tells Dean the mythologies of Aquarius, Aries, and Leo. Because it isn’t Dean’s fault that Cas is hopelessly in love with him, and it isn’t Dean’s fault that Cas can’t imagine ever wanting anyone else.

-Stellar (Meet Me in Outer Space) by youaresunlight

if you knew (that i love you); a deancas au

Cas always has been Dean’s best friend, but now Dean wants to take it to the next level. Problem is, Dean’s got no idea on how to tell his best friend that he’s been in love with him for years, and Cas keeps getting his heart broken. Can Dean finally tell Cas about his true feelings, or will they forever be in relationship chicken?

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People deal with breakups in different ways. Some like to wallow in their own self pity before they pull themselves up again and get back out there. Others enjoy drinking away their sorrows while listening to weepy breakup songs. Dean, in particular, enjoys pounding a few beers and then going down to the Roadhouse to complain about his ex.

For Cas, breakups include bingeing Food Network shows for days on end while eating ice cream.

“You can’t just throw the arugula on top as a garnish! The judges will eat you alive!” Cas yells at the television as Dean walks through the door. “I can cook a better chicken dish than that!”

Dean runs a hand over his face and sighs to himself. If Cas is watching Chopped again, that can only mean one thing.

“Don’t tell me that Meg broke up with you,” Dean says out of courtesy, but the large gallon of ice cream sitting next to Cas speaks for itself.

Cas reaches for the remote and turns down the TV. “She said that she met someone else and that I was only going to hold her back,” he mutters, and then reaches for the bowl next to him. “It’s like our three months together meant nothing.”

Dean tries to conceal his grin, but he really can’t. He’d been waiting for Meg and Cas to break up in their own time, and never did Dean really believe that they could last. Meg is a troublemaker with a penchant for cigarettes and hard whiskey, while Cas runs a ‘save the bees’ group and works in a coffee shop. Sure, opposites attract and all that, but there is such a thing as too opposite. They were doomed from the start, but there is no way that Dean will ever tell Cas that.

“Sorry, Cas,” is Dean’s only response, and Cas just throws him a glare and a pout.

“You don’t need to lie to me. I know that you didn’t like her.”

“She wasn’t good for you, Cas!” Dean says while he tosses up his hands. “Hell, the girl tried to convince you that breaking and entering into that abandoned liquor store was a good idea, and you almost went along with it!”

Cas puts down the bowl, crosses his arms over his chest, and sniffs. “The heart wants what the heart wants.”

“Oh yeah? And what does your heart want, Cas? A girl with three felonies on her record who left you for another guy?”

His friend goes quiet next to him, and even Dean realizes that he’s being a bit of a dick. “Look, I just want you to be with the right person, that’s all.”

Cas looks up at him and winks. “Then who do you think is the right person for me, Dean?”

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“Why’d you take me?” His voice was slurred and slow, a sure sign that he was still heavily intoxicated.

“I just wanted to make sure you’re okay,” I spoke softly, like I was walking on eggshells and Harry was a dynamite.

He slumped back into his seat, boring his eyes into mine. “What, and then you’re gonna leave again?” 

Heavy Metal Heart (coming soon)


On Friday I met my idols and inspirations after standing in the rain watching them run around playing soccer (football) and it was an absolutely life changing moment.
I didn’t have the words and I still don’t (like, what do you even say?), but they were the sweetest, kindest, most humble guys and I will never forget it in my lifetime.

Things that make Cas go weak in the knees
  • When Dean gently cradles his face as they kiss.

  • When Dean bends over laughing, loud and uninhibited.

  • When Dean comes up close behind him and nuzzles his neck, chin propped on his shoulder.

  • When Dean calls him “babe” but lets it roll off his tongue so naturally like, “Hey, babe, come to bed. I promise not to hog the blankets again.”

  • When Dean does hog the blankets again and he steals them back in the middle of the night, because Dean will apologize and pull him right into his arms and mumble “Sorry, angel” before kissing his cheek.

  • When Dean calls him “angel”; ex. “Nah, you pick, angel. I’ll watch whatever you want.” “… Even a chick flick?” “Especially a chick flick.”

  • When Dean kisses the top of his head as he walks by.

  • When Dean wears a leather jacket… any leather jacket.

  • When Dean winks at him for no reason because that just isn’t fair.

  • When Dean has to interview witnesses who have kids, and Heaven forbid that the child’s a girl or he’ll have to watch another tea party where Dean munches on imaginary cookies like a champ.

  • When Dean chooses songs for really attentive reasons like, “Heard you, uh, sing this in the shower yesterday.”

  • When Dean calls him “beautiful”; ex. “Mornin’, beautiful” or “Damn, your eyes are crazy beautiful, you know that?”

  • When Dean uses his lap as a pillow while they watch T.V., dozing on and off but still asking him to keep his fingers in his hair.

  • When Dean uses pick-up lines though they’re already on a date: “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture you and me together” or “Do you have a Band-Aid? I just scraped my knee fallin’ for you.”

  • When Dean sweeps those broad, calloused hands across his body, whispering heated, worshipful sweet nothings against his skin.

  • When Dean makes a detour so they can visit a honey farm and afterward tapes a Polaroid of them on Baby’s dash.

  • When Dean reaches for and holds onto his hand throughout the day.

  • When Dean smiles at him, green eyes crinkled at their corners.

  • When Dean glimpses the shadows of his broken wings during a hunt and later tells him that they’re gorgeous and badass just as they are.

  • Just Dean because, it’s always been you from the start: my lionhearted hunter, my only love, my greatest adventure, my new Heaven.

insp. // dean counterpart


But a Harry Potter!AU where Dean is the Flying Instructor at Hogwarts, and has the world’s biggest crush on the gorgeous Herbology professor, Castiel James Novak. They chat sometimes during breakfast in the Great Hall but Dean always gets flustered, stumbles over his words. Cas is just so nice, though, smiles at Dean all shy and sweet and, yeah, it’s definitely the most hideous man crush to ever grace the castle’s hallowed halls.

And Charlie, Dean’s best friend and the Care of Magical Creatures professor, is tired of his pining, urges him to bloody well do something. Dean is still uncertain and nervous about the whole thing but Cas does come to all the Quidditch matches and Dean thinks he’s caught the prof glancing at him rather than the game every now and again…

So Dean at last musters the nerve to ask Castiel out - because even Sam owls him a letter telling the older Winchester to grow a pair, and that totally hurts Dean’s pride, okay. Turns out that Cas was one more stammered conversation away from inviting Dean to Hogsmeade for Butterbeer, and to the entire-staff-plus-Sam’s collective relief, the two finally, finally start dating. Unfortunately for them, the relief is short-lived, because Dean and Castiel become, like, the grossest couple to ever gross. They have these late-night flying dates in the Quidditch pitch and who exactly are they kidding with their inconspicuous make out sessions in the greenhouse? They make their colleagues cry, basically, and the Muggle students even start to “ship” them by the end of their second month together. (The non-Muggle kids have no idea what that means - “It sails itself? What sails where? They’re cannons?” - but, ugh, apparently it has to do with the two profs eye-sexing each other all the freaking time, for the love of Merlin.)

Oh god, I got carried away… Should I write this fic?

come and fade me - coming soon to 1dff and tumblr

“I’ve finally come up for a reason why Jensen is never here.”

I glanced up from my phone absentmindedly and redirected my gaze to Harry. There was a determined glint in his eyes, but I could still see traces of his familiar smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes and sighed, “Okay. Go ahead.”

“She’s a turtle murderer.”

I stared blankly at him. After almost a minute had passed, I realized that he wasn’t joking and said dryly, “You know, I’m really not one for stereotypes, but right now, you’re pretty much the definition of a dumb jock.”

“How many times do I have to tell you? I’m a boxer, not a jock.”

“Either way I don’t care,” I said matter of factly. “And I thought that we agreed that she was a cat lady.”

“Cat ladies are too cliche. I’m thinking she has turtles–thirty two, give or take–but then one day, she got so sick of the smell, so she decided to kill them all.” He paused, shot me one of his grins that had become infamous around campus, and then finished, “Always absent thesis advisor by day, turtle murderer by night.”

I rolled my eyes. “You’re actually ridiculous.”

His grin grew even wider. “You like me.”

I couldn’t keep myself from bursting into laughter at that one. “Keep dreaming, Styles.”

“Oh, I don’t think I need to, Singh,” he smirked.

a uni au about documenting your memories, boxing, Canadian stereotypes, lots of hockey, Indian weddings, and being the third wheel.

amazing photoset by leesh!!