Just posted on my facebook. Spaghetti Monster help me. 

“I don’t think I can handle the arguments that ensue on a political posts. I am just not emotionally stable enough to go through that. But it’s so hard staying silent because I am so scared of Trump. I am disabled. I have 3 conditions that on their own could qualify me for disability. I can’t work at a proper 9-5. I’m lucky if I can spend a few hours a week doing photography. Right now disability is not enough to live on. It is below minimum wage. I only survive because of my parents and a few close friends. My photography business hasn’t been helping as I have had very few clients.

Anyway, the reason I am scared is because I have seen how Trump treats the disabled. In the following gif he mocks a reporter that has arthrogryposis, which visibly limits the functioning of his joints. That’s how much he cares about someone with a visible disability. How much could he possibly care about me who has invisible conditions? Trump doesn’t want to make America great for me. He could very possibly make my way of life impossible.”