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Celebrate Leeroy Jenkins Day by reliving one of the internet’s finest videos

It’s hard to remember, but there was a time when the name “Leeroy Jenkins” didn’t elicit knowing nods and sage murmurs among every living human on the planet. But it’s true: It was 11 years ago today that an impetuous World Of Warcraft player was caught on camera bellowing his name, storming into battle, and getting himself and his entire team killed in a glorious mélange of chaos brought on by his impulsive action. Today we honor that fallen hero by watching—some of us for the 11,000th time—the beautiful behavior that sent him plunging forever into the annals of meme history.

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So basically throughout the update Vriska’s strategy meeting sounded a whole lot like those meetings mmorpg parties have before taking on a boss or entering a dungeon (which, since the hs kids literally are in a video game and literally are about to take on bosses, makes sense). Humor about the updates details aside, i wonder if hussie will make a certain reference to a very old video about a pre-boss meeting.

a certain




(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0dA9eUP85s)

This is a tribute to Leeroy Jenkins, who inspired Jon Snow in the 9th episode of the Game Of Thrones sixth season.