leere hand

Ich habe von dir geträumt. Zum ersten Mal nach sehr langer Zeit.
Wir beide sind nebeneinander gelaufen und du hast meine Hand genommen und ich habe gelacht, weil ich wusste, dass nun wieder alles in Ordnung kommt. Wir beide wieder ein Wir sein können und dann.. Dann wachte ich auf und meine Hand war leer. Gib mir noch eine Chance.

There are times I really miss book!Dany.

Mero tossed down his wine straight away, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and leered at Dany. “I believe I fucked your twin sister in a pleasure house back home. Or was it you?”

“I think not. I would remember a man of such magnificence, I have no doubt.”

“If you bring the Second Sons over to my side, I might not have you gelded.”

“Little girl, another woman once tried to geld me with her teeth. She has no teeth now, but my sword is as long and thick as ever. Shall I take it out and show you?”

“No need. After my eunuchs cut it off, I can examine it at my leisure.”

I would have loved to see that person’s response to Euron Greyjoy “and his huge cock.” I suspect that unless he found a way to sail a troop of her Unsullied plus provisions to Westeros aboard his cock, she would have no use for it, and say so.