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Vows (Jaime Lannister x Stark!Reader)

a/n: hey, y'all! so long story short im rewatching game of thrones and realizing that i am jaime TRASH and he deserves better but that’s a rant for another time. alsoalso i /am/ posting this from mobile so forgive any awkward format errors, i’ll fix those as soon as i can :) anyways, enjoy this little jaime x reader! 


 WORD COUNT: 1,019 


Winterfell, all honor and snow, was a decidedly nice reprieve from the constant madness that was Kings Landing, Jaime thought. What Jaime couldn’t stand, however, were the looks. His betrothal to Lord Stark’s eldest daughter was something he’d had no say in, same as his sudden removal from the Kingsguard. The girl was just that: A girl. At ten-and-seven, she had no business marrying a man his age and he had no business marrying a girl her age. 

 Yet, here he was. 

As the Kings Party rode through the outlying villages of Winterfell, men and women gawked at the man who was cradle-robbing their Lord. Who was stealing the Beauty in The North’s innocence. Stealing little Lyanna from Winterfell in a mockery of Rhaegar Targaryen. The stories and insults were endless, and Jaime knew he was not welcome here. 

As the party approached the gates of Winterfell, Jaime was suddenly overcome with an anxiousness he had not felt since childhood. His future bride stood inside those walls, a girl who he had never seen or met before. Jaime wasn’t nervous about the marriage itself. He was worried for the girl, Y/N, he reminded himself. She would be a single wolf in a den of lions and Jaime decided that he’d be damned if he let her fall prey to them. This was a vow he intended to keep.

The gates of Winterfell opened with an understated flourish, King Robert and Joffrey riding into the courtyard ahead of the rest of the party. As Jaime rode in after the Queen’s carriage, he tried in vain to keep his eyes from where he knew the Stark’s were gathered. His eyes betrayed him and flicked involuntarily over the family, lined youngest to eldest. 

Jaime’s eyes stopped at Lord Stark’s eldest son, his eyes immediately retracing to the young woman standing next to the Young Wolf. Y/N Stark stood half a head shorter than Robb, her tresses falling in soft curls to her waist. Her skin had an unearthly glow, as was normal to natives of the North, and her eyes were piercing. She was just as beautiful as the myths and rumors made her to be and Jaime had never felt like more of a lech in his life. 

Cersei, Myrcella, and Tommen were exiting the carriage and Cersei was currently looking down her nose at the eldest Stark girl, glaring with a ferocity that only a lioness could. Another myth true about Y/N was her attitude and personality that mirrored her late aunt, Lyanna. Her facial features weren’t far off from her aunt either, only put off by very few Tully attributes. 

The King was currently occupied with Ned and Catelyn Stark, and he hadn’t yet taken notice of Y/N. Jaime could see the trepidation in the girl’s well-held demeanor and her brother’s protective glances. No doubt her father had warned her of Robert’s anticipated reaction. 

 As Stark introduced his son, King Robert scanned the line of Stark children and froze as he laid eyes on the proclaimed Flower in The North. His mouth was hanging open unflatteringly and Jaime felt an unfamiliar flame of protectiveness as the King openly leered at his betrothed. 

Lord Stark cleared his throat, making cautionary eye contact with his eldest daughter. “And this is Robb’s twin and my eldest daughter, Y/N." 

Robert closed his mouth, his jaw clenched tightly and his adoring expression turned resentful and angry. 

"Kingslayer! Come meet your betrothed!” Y/N startled as the King yelled, his eyes never leaving her face as he gestured for Jaime. 

Jaime ground his teeth together at Robert’s tone and met Y/N’s eyes. His were full of silent apology, and he softened his smirk as he made his way over. Robert caught the friendly look between them and rage boiled in his large gut. 

Y/N curtsied in the well-practiced way that only a girl of nobility could. Jaime bowed his head and took her hand, kissing the back of it politely so as not to frighten her. 

“I’m absolutely pleased to meet you, Lady Y/N." 

A thousand apologies lay on the tip of Jaime’s tongue, but he thought better of it. 

Y/N’s voice was unwavering and smooth when she spoke, the sound causing chills to run up Jaime’s arm as though it were a fresh winter breeze.

"It’s wonderful to meet you also, Ser Jaime. Welcome to Winterfell." 

Jaime’s smirk yet again fell into place and he shook his head. "Not a Ser anymore, my Lady. Just a Lord. Your Lord, if you’d have me?" 

Y/N looked momentarily taken aback by his forwardness, but righted herself immediately as she smiled a genuine smile that pleased Jaime more than he ever thought a smile could. 

"Of course, my Lord. And please, Lord Jaime, call me Y/N." 

Jaime met her eyes, "Only if you call me Jaime.” And then he smiled back. 

Both Cersei and Robert were silently seething, openly glaring at the pair who, it seemed, were unexpectedly well matched. 

Ned, noticing the impending outburst from both the King and Queen, placed a hand on Robert’s shoulder.

“Shall we pay our respects, old friend?" 

Jaime and Y/N were still smirking at each other, acting entirely inappropriate and remaining completely oblivious to the glares of Catelyn, Cersei, and every septa stood in the courtyard. 

Robert tore his gaze from the pair, forcing the image of Lyanna and Rhaegar out of his wine-muddled mind.

"Of course, Ned." 

As the courtyard began to clear in the absence of the King, Y/N bravely took Jaime’s hand and turned to her mother. 

"I’m going to show Lord Jaime to his room." 

Catelyn raised a single eyebrow at her daughter, her gaze moving to the arrogant lion stood next to her flower. Jaime stood tall, his hand wrapped around Y/N’s almost challengingly, daring Catelyn to say anything unseemly. As mannered as Lady Stark was and as eloquently as she held herself, she couldn’t stop the words as they tumbled from her lips.

"I thought it was just Jaime?”

Roots (Part Eighteen: Final)

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EXO Fanfic: Fantasy AU
Main Pairing: Female Reader x Byun Baekhyun (Light Fairy)You are an Elven Outsider living in the Human World, living peacefully as a florist and gardener. But your peace shatters when you are discovered by a Representative from the Council of the Other World. Will he discover your secrets?

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Many seasons ago the First Elf was dying. She was very old; many moons and suns had passed before her eyes, and her feet had tread countless steps. She was happy. She had many children, watched them grow like saplings into fine trees, watched them laugh and love. The Forest was full of her people and echoed with her love.

When she began to feel her bones aching, her breathing slowly, she knew she did not have long left. She did not mind, her life had been long and fruitful. But, the Heart Tree - the first tree she had planted in her now flourishing forest - had grown despondent. The First Elf’s family grew worried, seeing the Heart Tree’s powers diminishing and the flowers not appearing.

‘Why are you so sad?’ the First Elf asked, hand on the bark.

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RISE (Kylo Ren x Reader unseen content)

A/n: so I was cleaning out my drive last night and I found six chapters of a story I never finished and never posted. After reviewing the unfinished series I decided to so share it with my padawans. if you like the series and want more I would be happy to revisit the idea and see what I can come up with. I have a whole volt full of writing pieces that I never finished and was thinking of doing a series featuring all the unseen/unused content that I have on my drive.

SIDEBAR: this series is definitely not for the faint of heart! while I am impressed at the writing style of the series I am also shocked at the events that take place! THIS SERIES IS UNBELIEVABLY DARK AND COULD EVEN BE TRIGGERING.

Summary(?): there is an age difference between you and kylo. from what it looks like, he is about 18 and you are 16. the idea is this takes place before kylo becomes commander and after he has already left home. its a sort of “chronical” of the in-between period. 

WARNINGS: Death. Kidnapping.

RATING: 18+ 


Hiram of Tiagawa (Ty-Gah-Wah) was the prince of his planet and a man of business and affiliation. He had worked hard for ten years to prove he was worthy of becoming king. His father, Ephraim, believed in equality. Just because Hiram was the first born and the only male didn’t mean he was automatically next in line.

His younger sister (y/n) (who was ten years younger than him) had just as much of a shot as he did. However, (y/n) did not want to be queen. She didn’t feel fit, for like her mother she was kind and gentle. There was no place for her at a table full of men. She wanted nothing to do with business and nothing to do with politics. She left everything for her brother Hiram to do. 

Tiagawa was a neutral plant. The people of Tiagawa abide by love and equality to all. They chose not to take sides. They didn’t belong to the resistance, nor did they belong to the first order. Tiagawa had allies and their allies followed the same rules they did. The current king, king Ephraim was good to his people and in return, his people were good to him but Hiram wanted to change that. 

For months he had been in contact with the supreme leader of the first order. There was talk of joining the dark side and battle plans. Hiram wanted to build an army of his own men and make them stormtroopers. Hiram had a poisoned mind and black heart. He believed he was a great man with a dark calling. Hiram should not have been made the king. He was too cocky and egotistic. Under false pretenses, he built himself up as if he were one with the force.

                                              ❈  ❈  ❈

Princess (y/n) stood in the waiting room located in the west wing of her palace. In a few moments, Hiram would be made the king. She was happy for her brother. He was finally getting the one thing he wanted all his life. (y/n) finally felt no more pressure to be productive or raise her voice for a cause she didn’t believe in. It was her brother now in the spotlight and she wanted it to stay that way.

 Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath she felt something unsettling in the air and it caused a shift. The energy was negative.

 "It is time, (y/n).“ said the soft voice of her mother.

  The princess looked over her shoulder. "Do you feel it?”

 "Feel what, my love?“

 (y/n) turned to her queen, eyes focused. ”A disturbance in the force.

 "Don’t talk like that,” Warned queen Adah, “You know nothing about the force.”

 "I can hear screams, Mama. I don’t know whose screams, but I can hear them as if they were my own screams.“

 There was a pained look on the queen’s face. For many years she had known that her daughter was different. Adah had a hard time believing her only son was force sensitive, but she was in denial about (y/n).

 (y/n) could always feel the rain before the rain and she could stop a pen from rolling off the table. It didn’t take a Jedi to figure her daughter was one with the force, and it didn’t take a rebel to know that in the wrong hands she could be a weapon. 

To protect her daughter she concealed (y/n)’s gift from the galaxy- even her own husband. Adah believed if she ignored (y/n)’s ability then maybe it would just go away. (y/n) had no training with the force and knew almost nothing about it.

 She never wondered what she was really capable of, therefore she never tested her abilities. There had been a Jedi in the past that scoured her plant in search of the young force user, but he never thought to search the palace.

 Adah adjusted her expression, doing the best she could to conceal her true emotion.

"If you’re hearing voices, perhaps you’re ill.”

 "Who is here for the coronation? I thought it was for us to witness only.“ Said (y/n), completely disregarding her mother’s words.

 Adah furrowed her brows. "What do you mean? It’s only the four of us as it should be.”

 "One- two? No, three- seven boots on the ground. Why are they here?“

 "You’re scaring me. What do you mean by-”

 "-we’re waiting for the two of you.“ Interrupted the king. "Whenever you’re ready my loves.”

Adah took (y/n) by the hand and tugged her. “We’re ready my king.”

“Ah-ah-ah not for long.” He joked.

(y/n) pulled her hand free from her mother’s grasp and linked her thin arm with her father’s. He smiled down at his beautiful daughter. She was becoming be a fine young woman. He only wished she had stayed a baby forever. It ached Ephraim’s heart to think that one day soon his princess wouldn’t be his princess anymore. She would belong to someone else and he too would love her as much as he did.

 In the main room stood Hiram. Standing before him was an old wise man, one of the very few men left in the king’s congregation of peace (a group Hiram was working to remove). Ephraim quickly took his place next to his son and his wife while his daughter stood opposite of him. 

The elder in front spoke words in their native tongue- held a hand over Hiram, then placed a headpiece of beads, crystals, and gold upon his head. The new king felt powerful.

 "Thank you old man… you are dismissed- in fact, you won’t be needed anymore. None of the congregation will be needed anymore.“ smiled Hiram.

 Ephraim turned to his son, a look of confusion written on his old withered face.

 "Why have you-”

 "There is a new era upon us, father.“ King Hiram folded his arms behind and walked circles. "I’d like to think of it as a new dawn. For a very long time, I’ve known I was special. I knew a day would come where I got my chance to truly show our people what I’m made of- the galaxy what I’m made of. I am more than King Hiram of Tiagawa! I am the chosen one! Today marks the day we make an alliance with the first order!”

 The doors to the main room flew open and just as (y/n) counted seven boots stomped in. All seven of the men were dressed in black battered battle gear with their faces covered by black helmets and all seven of them were knights of Ren.

 "Supreme leader sends his regrets.“ spoke one of them in a robotic tone.

 "I should’ve known he’d be too weak to face me in person.” leered The king.

 The knight who spoke before spoke again. “Supreme leader is not weak. The Supreme leader is wise!”

 "You dare raise your voice at me!? No one speaks to me like that! I don’t care who you are or who your supreme leader is.“ Hiram gritted his teeth and snarled. "I am the new king and soon to be the ruler of the galaxy. You will show me some respect or face a painful consequence.”

 (y/n) gripped her mother’s arm. She couldn’t help but feel like she had seen this all before.

 The knight stepped up to her brother and she knew what he was about to say:

 "Ruler of the galaxy? There can only be one.“

 The knight of Ren pulled a lightsaber from underneath his robe and without hesitation turned it on.

 "Take the girl, leave the rest to me.”

 Adah pulled (y/n) trying to reach for the other door. Out of nowhere, a blaster was fired, she had been hit. (y/n) screamed and before she knew it, she was being dragged away. It took two knights to contain her and a third to hold her legs.

 "Kill her if you have to. She’s of value but she is not too valuable.“

 Young (y/n) watched in horror as the knight with the blaring red lightsaber struck her father in the heart then went for her brother. If only he could actually use the force then maybe he would’ve stood a chance. 

The knight toyed with Hiram. He hit him in the arm then slashed his face. Hiram’s face had been cut and burned so bad that he was almost unrecognizable. His eyes were gone and so was his throat. the knight of Ren had cut Hiram’s tongue clean from his mouth.

the Jedi killer didn’t stop there.

Though Adah had already fallen, he took it upon himself to put her out of her misery and made sure she was really dead.

 "NO!” Screamed (y/n).

 The knight had suddenly stopped, Her voice had shaken his core and it carried out an unmistakable resonance. Her voice boomed and reverberated. 

Ever so slightly his feet shifted with the sound. It wasn’t much, but she had managed to physically move him. The knight glanced over his shoulder, he was peering straight at the princess. He could feel it. He could feel the force deep within her. She was the one Supreme leader Snoke was looking for. Impossible he thought. How could a girl be given such a gift?

 "Change of plans, don’t kill her. It seems she is worth more than I thought. Take her to the ship.“