leemo rante

Okay. One more thing because I’m honestly kinda pissed.

Liam was on point tonight. He put his entire self into his performance and it was the best I’ve heard him sound possibly ever. He tried so many variations on the songs and we cheered louder every time so I’d like to think the reason he continued to experiment was because we were having a great collective experience, as audience and artist.

He was dancing even more than I saw him do in Indy, which was a lot, he was throwing even more winks and waves, you could tell he was legitimately in a good mood and happy and it absolutely resulted in an incredible performance.

Yes. He said what he said before Girl Almighty, but I honestly truly don’t think he meant anything by it. Yes, heteronormativity is something that we absolutely need to work on as a whole in society, and yes, as role models in the position they are they are able to help change these societal norms.

That being said, I don’t think the way it was brought to his attention was the way it needed to be handled. We have talked so much about how they see what we say and know what we talk about. Being polite and kind while voicing our disagreements and pointing out mistakes can make a world of difference in so many ways. There is never a need to be rude or cruel.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is these boys and their staff are real people and as we already know we tend to forget this as a fandom. Let’s try to do better ourselves in how we handle disappointment and frustration so we also aren’t coming off as needlessly cruel in a situation where it not only isn’t warranted but it truly doesn’t help the end result either.