anonymous asked:

Hi unnie! :) I noticed that you really like lee min ho and I was wondering if you could recommend some LMH themed blogs for me? I love him too! He is so perfect.

OMO! All of the LMH blogs I follow are just amazing. I will try to name them all here:

http://leeminhoconfessions.tumblr.com/ (It’s a confession blog, but still very good).

http://heartlmhkhj.tumblr.com/ (this blog features both LMH and Kim Hyun Joong who I also love, so this is just perfectness).

http://koreanactorleeminho.tumblr.com/ (Such a great quality blog. I love seeing this blog on my dash).

http://leeminhos-butt.tumblr.com/ (OMG. I CAN’T EVEN EXPLAIN HOW MUCH I LOVE HER. We fangirl over LMH so much. Haha). 

http://hishotnessminho.tumblr.com/ (This is just a perfect example of a LMH blog. Seriously.)

http://min-ho-lee.tumblr.com/ (<3 <3)

http://leeminhoislove.tumblr.com/ (What can I say? Love this one too!)