I dated a girl for two years a girl I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with someone who I trust with my life and gave my time and attention to every single day. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her she was my world, and just like that she played with my emotions. She made me believe all her lies she used me to get someone else. She lied to my face and did things behind my back, but most of all she broke my heart my whole world was shattered and nothing in this world made sense to me. I feel like the person I got with in the beginning was totally different from the person she was when things ended I don’t even know who she is I’m beginning to think I never knew her at all . She was heartless and cold she felt no remorse for what she did to me. She instantly found someone didn’t even give it time she just got back with her ex as if two years of being with each other everyday day didn’t mean a thing…like living together sleeping with each other, waking up next to each other…nothing meant anything to her and when I came to her about my issues about how I was hurting and how could she do this to me to us she completely avoided my feelings. I have never in my life have met/been with someone who stayed with me this long and not care about me….thanks to her I’m all messed up and you know what she’s doing? Enjoying being happy with the person she’s been wanting all along with the person she used me to get back with. I hate myself for letting her in I hate that I trusted her and let her in all this time wasted for someone who never loved me. She never loved me to begin with, but go ahead and be happy have your fairytale story all you want it’s cool at least you got what you wanted . By far the most heartless and worst person I have ever been with I don’t think I’ll be able to ever shake this feeling off like fuck two years of planning a future and life together….all lies damn how could I have been so stupid .