Last night at church was a lock-in, which was great fun and all, but it was decided that all three High School Musical movies would be watched XD Back to back. Used to like those movies, but that was a little much for me.

Instead I doodled some Undertale and Futurama stuffs, and played cards with my pals~

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hey leela, is it just me or was that video really forced? Also, another thing, i kind of think dnp are 'pushing away' from each other a little bit, just with this video, in opposition to other recent videos. I know it's not my place, but I'm really worried for them, bc I care a lot about their mental health and well being. Please send thoughts <3 have a great day my dude

agree that the video was forced a bit but i’m not seeing this “pushing away from each other” that you mention? if anything they’ve been getting closer and more flirty with each video. i mean the bean vid didn’t really have as much space for touching and making little domestic comments or innuendos or whatever, but that makes sense given what the game entailed? i would much rather they react naturally to things than force themselves to touch and flirt with every video ,, bc then they’re just doing what everyone always loves to accuse them of (aka faking shit bc it’s ~what the people want~) 

more generally, they, and dan especially, have seemed a bit stressed/tired in the last couple of weeks but i think it’s almost certainly bc of working a lot. i don’t think you really need to be worried about their mental health or the solidity of their relationship!! and esp not based off of this one gaming video. hope you’re having a great day too xx 

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dear leela would you mind helping me name my tortoise it is a tiny adorable baby and i can't think of a name for the life of me (okay that's not true i've thought about naming it artemis but idk)

i’m so bad w names :( :( :( why would u trust me w this :( artemis is so lovely ahhhh. i thought of franklin but that is already a turtle character so it’s v unoriginal. maybe fern .. i like the name fern .. it is so cute and reminds me of green things and so do tortoises iajoerjaowier