Romana and Leela are off on a gay vacation together and they’re being cute giggly dorks and I’m so happy??

I hadn’t started shipping them before this audio (though knew I would eventually) but THIS IS ALL IT TAKES I AM 130% ON BOARD THIS SHIP

they’re so great?? it’s such a Romeo and Juliet/opposites attract thing? one is a genius aristocrat Slytherin politician risking everything to make things more liberal and the other is a simpler but emotionally intelligent Gryffindor bodyguard

I love them so much help

Answering that anon made me remember how much insane variety there is in classic Who companions. Like, I’m not knocking new Who for its desire to ground the show through the companions. It’s probably necessary for making the show nowadays. But let’s take a second to appreciate how few fucks the classic Who producers gave. There was…

  • a genius astrophysicist from the future with perfect memory
  • a warrior from a primitive society that developed on another planet after the Doctor fucked up real bad one time
  • a stuck up time lady
  • a boy genius mathmetician from another reality
  • an alien aristocrat whose dad’s body was stolen by the Master in her first story and he. just. kept it?
  • an exiled political prisoner from another world pretending to be a school boy and who’s being manipulated by the avatar of all evil
  • a shape-shifting robot that the Master found on another planet that the Doctor reprograms and then everyone just forgets about until the Master shows up again (oh and the Master is still running around in that one girl’s dad’s body by the way)
  • an American
  • a perfectly ordinary teen who just happened to swept up in time storm and transported to another planet in the far future and starts waiting tables there all as part of the plan of yet another cosmic evil in its ongoing chess match with the Doctor

ok and here goes i remembered this joke last night and like wept. every time i start retelling jokes from futurama it takes me like two weeks to stop ok? so theres the one, which i love, where its like a parody of like superhero tv shows and for no good reason fry and leela get temporary superpowers from what like lotion or smthing that causes superpowers in humans as a side effect, and also bender joins in normally just becoz, right. i love that ep ok and

they have their like local superhero team brand going or whatever and somehow like fry leela and bender as themselves are talking to the mayor when the mayors like sorry but this is a job for the new justice league, and he pushes that Superhero Summoning button on his desk. and the three of them look at each other like UH…and leela goes “oh i just remembered, i left my apartment on fire!” and runs out the door, and bender goes “uh, and i have to go take my lsats!” and runs out after her and fry goes “and i can’t take life anymore!!!” and like dives out the window, and literally the next half second all three of them reassemble in the exact same formation in the mayors office in their superhero alter egos