Futurama will always be one of my favorite shows because it had the ability to make me laugh and cry
When Leela meets her parents for the first time
When we see Seymour waiting for Fry
When Fry learns that his brother named his nephew after him
When Fry meets his mom in his moms dreams

Has anyone ever considered a mountain climbing AU?

For example: the Gallifrey four ends up climbing a mountain. Leela leads the way and finds a safe route. Romana plans everything and makes the important decisions. Narvin is in charge of not looking down and generally being careful. Braxiatel keeps saving Narvin and trying to find time to flirt with Romana. When they finally get to the top it turns out that the reason that everyone’s backpacks have been getting heavier during the whole trip was because Braxiatel has been secretly collecting rocks that look nice to him.

super sad face

everything i love is reminding me of him. hes in my dreams, in my day dreams, in every thought.

as leela said once, “our time was short, but it was the best time of my life.”