#newmusic: C.KHiD “Vegas Atlanta Harlem”  [ official rap video ]

album: #abKw2P  ( now on iTunes: http://www.smarturl.it/abkw2p  )

filmed/edited by: Sage English

cameo by Leeksta2G x Brianna Carassonee

locations: Las Vegas-NV, Atlanta-GA, Harlem-NYC

C.KHiD “Status Quo” music video

Ironically.. in a song i talk about how corrupt cops are in the US… harrassing and murdering innocent Black and Hispanic youth….  while driving to the shoot, Las Vegas Police Officer Dominick F Cipriano decided to stalk me while driving… and even when he couldn’t find a reason to pull me over.. he still pulled me over and make up reasons ….to give me a ticket.. What he didn’t expect, I got it all on camera. Including him lying about why he pulled me over. This means that ticket he gave me has to get dropped.

Anddd its’ under review by the LVPD internal affairs department currently.

ANddd I’m using the video now in my music video “Status Quo” because it ties in and gives you a real-time account of what’s going on in the US.  It’s not just a ‘mirage’ people are making up.

Anddddd Im going to profit from one lame azz, racist biggot cop who decided to harrass the wrong young Black male.  Hope your family sees this Dominick.   Everybody reblog this and the video to help me make sure it happens.  

I know some will interpert the video however they want but….. what can you expect? The world’s IQ is lowering with every generation.   No stress.

Opening the #TeamCKHiD show

C.KHiD starts to perform new song “Trendsetter” to a South Padre Island, TX audience of over 4000.  The show was ignited.

C.KHiD and rap crewmates leeksta2g and eli4music tore the show down.   , Dancers  Shawn Smith (akrylicelephant), Audrey, Selina Diaz, Audrey Perez, and Fly Guy ‘Gino’ hyped the audience. 

Media wiz ‘Izzy’ captured the event in photo and video.. working 2 cameras at once.

Team Work Make the Dream Work!

- C.KHiD

July 12th - This day was great at the studio.  Working with a team of talented individuals we call #TeamCKHiD .   Leeksta2G, Eli4Muisc, producer Dresmore, and the man behind the camera, ‘Izzy’.