Yeah? Where did you run into it?”

“It was in a little cock-shoot….” Draco began.

“A what?”

“A glade.”

Potter frowned. “That is not what you said.”

“A broad glade, through which a wood-cock might dart,” Draco explained. “And be caught in a net.”

“Yeah, and how often do you net wood-cocks, Malfoy?”

“It’s a word, Potter. You could look it up in a dictionary.”

“Is that what you did, got a big dictionary and memorized all the words that start with cock, so you could use them on me?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Cock-shoot, cocksure, cock-of-the-walk, cock a snook, cock-a-leekie soup for lunch today –”

“It’s a Scottish soup, Potter, we’re in Scotland
—  Hippomancy for Beginners by khalulu
Delphine Cormier, Cophine and Reflexes

We all know what is means a reflex. In a window, a mirror. A reflex means what we are inside us, what we show from us to the rest, even what we are hidding of us to the rest.
And with Cophine, (With all the reason of the world) these reflexes are common since from the beggining of the show.

Season One

I love this image. I love it. I love it because this image shows the way that their relationship started. As a fraud. The girl against the window is Delphine Beraud, Phd student in immunology, with a boyfriend in the other side of the sea, alone in the brave new world that is sad because she broke with her boyfriend by the cellphone.

Meanwhile the girl in the reflex is  Dr. Delphine Cormier, with a phd in immunology, that is working in the Dyad Institute as chief of the immunology department, she is a monitor and her job is to get close to the clone 324b21 be her friend, and monitoring her, with blood samples, taking her vitals and reporting everything to her boss Dr. Aldous Leekie.

The differences between them are huge, but they have something in common. Cosima Niehaus. The Leda Clone.
And here are something that is also interesting because Cosima is reflected in the window too. In a way that she fall in this tangle that is Dyad, Neolution, and the lies that Delphine Beraud says to her, even when Cosima knows all the truth about her own biology and what is mean to have Delphine in her life.

Season Two

The naked reflex. I’ll call this image in that way because is all of what the image means. Or sort of…
Here we can see the reflex of Delphine in her bra through the mirror a little more than Cosima, because Cosima is being herself, while Delphine even when part of her is completely honest to Cosima, she still works for the enemy, she still will work against Cosima’s back when Cosima ask her to no send her blood sample to Leekie and Delphine will do it anyway. This is a tricky image, I think.

Season Three

This season is full of Reflexes. This season is full of reflexes. Starting with Delphine being someone that isn’t. Someone that have to hide her true feelings, someone that have to do terrible things for the person that she love.

A season full of ghost reflexes of a haunted past… maybe?

A season full of stolen kisses, sacrifices and death but that only show a reflex of what she is willing to do for love…

Season Four

I have to be honest and say that I don’t know if what Delphine have in front of her is a mirror. The image is too dark for know it but is not less interesting. Once again she have to play a role that is not her entirely. She has to work with the enemy again because they saved her. And her look show like she have to be this shady person that seem not be pleased with what she have to do, but she have to anyway.

Aside note. I bet of all I have that the hand in Delphine’s shoulder is the hand of Percival Westmorland and not the messenger. Do you wanna bet?

  • Ob start of s1:
  • Delphine: Aldous cosima made a pass at me, and I am 100% straight #nohomo
  • Ob S4:
  • Delphine: I must take off my clothes and lay with her
  • Everyone: That's not actually necessary
  • Everyone: no seriously you don't need to and there's this bad guy who won't like it

There is one thing that is in my mind while I’m writing a new chapter of the sequel of my Cophine fanfic “Nunca más” and is about all the implants that the people of Neolution have in their bodies.
Nealon and Leekie had a wormbot, Olivier Duval had a tail, I can see Daniel, Rachel’s monitor with some wormbot too because the technology of Evie Cho helped everyone so I’m wonder if Delphine has something besides the theory of the eye implant. I don’t believe that she has a wormbot because didn’t any idea what was the thing that she took from Nealon’s cheek.
So the wormbot to me is out. The eye implant on the other side, being Rachel’s glitch emisor….
I don’t believe that all the Neolutionist have an implant or wormbots but I thing that they would have something. Minimal perhaps, but something.

the signs as orphan black characters
  • Aries: Beth Childs
  • Taurus: Rachel Duncan
  • Gemini: Paul Dierden
  • Cancer: Cosima Niehaus
  • Leo: Mrs S.
  • Virgo: Sarah Manning
  • Libra: Alison Hendrix
  • Scorpio: Dr Leekie
  • Sagittarius: Katja obinger
  • Capricorn: Felix Dawkins
  • Aquarius: Helena
  • Pisces: Delphine Cormier