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Hello my dear! I know you'r out of Hetalia but ... I need to see how cute (handsome ♡) Wales is doing! 0_0 Aph Wales needs more attention and love. And i just adore your OC's! I'm begging you for fan-service ;) (#shirtlessWales #JustOutOfTheShower ...?)



C’mon I can’t be the only one who saw this in my mind when Ferid appeared with short hair…. ;-; Started this two days ago and I just decided to line it to make it look nice - 

I hate colouring with a burning passion so I doubt I’ll do it anytime soon, so for now I’ll show you guys the lineart /LAYS DOWN if any of my art friends would like to go ahead and give colouring a try then by all means feel free to ask me for the file ;o; But for now yeah just take this doodle idea of Ferid wearing Howl’s clothing >w>

Also I hate hands - and the fangs look wonky - kms /SITS IN A PIT 

omigosh haha, today at the grocery store i was in the vegetable aisle and i heard a couple near me fighting. the woman lost her wallet or something and was blaming the BF. i had to walk nearer to them, i just needed the vegetable they were blocking. suddenly i hear her say “why are u looking at her? don’t look at her.” and he says “i’m not looking at her, it’s just people. why can’t i look at people?” i then quickly floated away from them. like ma’am, im here for the leeks, not the boys.