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Joon/Hyomin;; I Need You

Hyomin has been delaying doing this for more than a week now. Her Journalism professor had assigned the class to do pieces on the various extra-curricular organizations around campus, maybe even focus the spotlight on some of the so-called underrated members.

She had decided long ago that she was going to do a photo-editorial on the school’s dance team, it had just been a matter of contacting her man on the inside.

Hyomin’s brow furrows and she bites down her lower lip as she scrolls through her phone contacts, looking for the name she needed.

The truth is that Hyomin doesn’t know what she’s doing. Joon is far from being an underrated member of the dance team–he’s a junior, and he’s gotten more than his fair share of dance solos ever since he joined the team back during when they were freshmen. Hyomin has even had font row tickets to more than half of Joon’s dance performances.

But she knows who she knows, she argues with herself, and she knows Joon.

“Need your help with Journ project,” she texts him. That’s all the message is. No please, no thank you. Just a simple statement of need. She knows he’ll get back to her soon enough.