What the entire fuck is wrong with Rock Lee

In Crescent Moon Kingdom he’s surrounded by 50 guys and his first instinct is to SMACK the living HELL out of everyone. Like WHERE ARE YOUR WEAPONS YOUNG MAN?????

Meanwhile Kakashi is straight up murdering everything he touches. There’s Naruto with his weaponized orange army. And then there’s Sakura WHO JUST PULLED OUT A FUCKING BOMB. 

Do weapons mess with his ~~*aesthetic*~ ~

He’s so gentle like “Maybe if I break this person’s nose he’ll stop for a bit” Like what the fuck are you DOING Lee. Kill that man. 

I’m just convinced that his eyebrows are actually Pressurized Rage Meters™ and Lee being a sadistic fuck has to BREAK SOMEONE’S FACE WITH HIS BARE HANDS.


Fresh Romance #6

Publisher: Rosy Press
(W) Marguerite Bennett, Kate Leth, Sarah Vaughn (A) Trungles, Arielle Jovellanos, Sarah Winifred Searle, Amanda Scurti (CA) Janet Lee

In School Spirit, the prom is here at last, but after everything that’s happened, the gang may not get a happy ending…

In Ruined, Catherine and Andrew try to find a way to coexist peacefully - if a bit awkwardly - and Andrew makes an interesting proposition.

And in Beauties, Marguerite Bennett and Trungles introduce readers to a world of fantasy and desire that knows no bounds - and love between a beautiful young woman and her father’s captive.

Plus, a sex column about safer sex, an essay about dating while genderqueer, a process peek at Beauties, and more!

(Release date: 27th October 2015)