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What happens when Levi takes baby Eren into an alley way? Full of thugs? (Prompt maybe? :3)

Eren let out a giggle. He grabbed Levi’s shoulder, squeezing it.

               “Levi!” he said in his small, high pitched baby voice. Levi held him, eyes in its expressionless state. He didn’t answer back. Eren grabbed Levi’s hair, playing with it.

               “Oi, brat. Stop that. I’m just trying to get you back to your mom,” Levi snapped, “I’m not your little play toy.” Levi glared ahead. Eren only laughed a bubbly, little laugh.

               “Leeeviiii,” he said again. Levi let out an exasperated and annoyed sigh. He should’ve just left the lost thing. Levi let out a frustrated grunt when they came to a dead end. He turned around, and saw that it was getting dark. He huffed and walked back the way he came, only to find the only way out was blocked by men trying to get their stubborn horse to move. It was pulling a large crate, and there were two more horses behind it. Everyone was shouting. Levi clenched his fist. He didn’t want to deal with this right now. He turned and looked around. An alley. Levi looked at it, hesitant. Whatever. He was humanity’s strongest. Eren turned his head and looked at Levi, smiling. He touched his cheek. Levi rolled his eyes and just kept walking. And then he saw thugs. They wore hoodies, and some had knives. They glared at him, but knowing who he was, didn’t say anything. Levi stopped in his tracks.

               “Hey Eren.”


               “Let’s play hide and seek,” Levi said. Eren’s eyes widened in excitement.

               “Yay!” he replied.

               “Ok. Turn your head and cover your eyes. Count to 10. Can you do that?” Eren smiled and nodded. He buried his face in Levi’s shoulder, counting out loud quietly. Levi put Eren’s hood over his head and left his hand there, before looking straight forward and walking.

               “…1, 2, 3…”

A few snickers. Levi kept walking.

               “…. 4, 5, 6….”

They were almost there.

               “7, 8, 9…”

They were out by eight. Levi stood there.

               “Aaaaand…. 10!” Eren opened his eyes and picked his head up, causing his hood to fall off. He let out a small laugh.

               “I found you!”

               “Yeah, you did.”

               “Levi, can I hide next time?”

               “Next time.”

And they kept walking.