Kala and Leeeeeex |Kru| working together

Before the sunrise by Kru and Me [soon on ao3]

Stiles knew that mermaids should lure people using their delicate voices, looking airy, speaking gently and be a sum of all the grace and appeal. He knew. He had read Bram Stoker, okay? And he was sure that mermaids shouldn’t be these hissing and frowning creatures. They shouldn’t have claws or fangs. And definitely… Yes, definitely, they SHOULDN’T be males!

So when he finds one on his way back home from the morning surfing session, just before the sunrise, it reminds him of that funny picture going around the internet, the clash of expectations and reality.
The only problem is that… This is his life and taking care of wounded, bleeding merman, calling himself Derek Hale, isn’t so funny.

HA! Leeeeeex is awesome, she likes my idea of this story and added so many into it already; and we will be working together on this! I’m really excited! soon more of merman!Derek in pictures and txts :D


Love always finds a way

It would be an understatement to say that Stiles and Derek went through a lot. They’ve both lost a lot, had to endure a lot, tried to find their peace with women. But in the end it always comes back to them. Only them.

Why not just finally admit that they might as well make it work as long as they can. With the lives they have, running from one supernatural being to the next and any day could be the end, they don’t want to waste any more time. Just because it might not last doesn’t mean it can’t be something good.

for leeeeeex


It doesn’t happen the way Derek expects it to.

Not that he spends a lot of time daydreaming about what his and Stiles’ first kiss is going to be like, because he doesn’t. He probably would if it hadn’t been for how he keeps denying himself that train of thought like a plague.

He knows how Stiles feels; has known for a while now. The way his heart skips a beat even at the simplest touch, the way his eyes linger whenever they spot each other from across the room. It’s not just attraction, because if it was Derek would’ve been scared. Well, more scared than he already is, because the fact that Stiles’ heart pounds with something as warm and soft as affection for him is downright terrifying.

And he knows how he feels. He feels vulnerable.

But the few times when he does think about it – those lonely nights when he’s on the brink of sleep and can’t keep himself from going down that road no matter how hard he tries not to – he pictures it being desperate. On the edge of a battlefield, after they’ve survived another fight, when he’s too exhausted and relieved to keep his guard up. He pictures himself hauling Stiles in by the collar of his shredded shirt and slamming their lips together. Because they can, because they’re alive, and because it’s what they want.

Derek expects their first kiss to taste of blood, because that’s who they are.

That’s not how it happens.

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2,000 Followers: Thank You!!!

Guess which gal just reached her 2,000 followers mark on Tumblr? This gal!!  I would like to say thank you to all my wonderful followers who deal with my messy ass fangirling about superheros (mostly DC… actually all DC), Shadowhunters, and other stuff. You guys are so lovely whenever I post selfies, complementing me, and always keep my spirits up.

 The moment I realized that people really enjoyed what I had to say on here, was when I got countless asks that people really liked my blog and looked up to me? Like wow. I think I teared up the first time. I’m just a 19 year old black bisexual female about to start her sophomore year in college, unsure of her future, but also ready to take life by storm, and you guys have stuck with me through all my fangirling, shit posting, and overall craziness.

Some of you have been here since day one, and others, just recently. I’ve compiled a list of some of my followers who have been nothing but supportive and to which you guys should all follow. This list in no way captures ALL of my followers, but just a few that I can recall. 

Thank you again,

-Asher (nightfallgoddess)

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Sterek in #36 for leeeeeex

leeeeeex  asked:

There this tradition that every Bond's girl has its own music theme on the soundtrack that plays every time this character appears on the screen. So for Casino Royale - Solange (same tittle) and Vesper (same title), Quantum of Solace - Camille (Camille's story) and Strawberry Fields (Field Trip) and for Skyfall - Severine (the same title) and........ Quartermaster (the same title) since Eve doesn't have her own theme as even if the whole Bond's mythology he had never been treated as such.

i like that!! let them make our darling Q the next Bond companion! ♥

Merry Christmas, leeeeeex!

For Lex, hope you like it!

Prompt: Fluffy, Warm Domestic Sterek,

Time frame: Post College for Stiles, Sterek’s first Christmas as a couple.


It had been a long day at work and Derek couldn’t wait to get home, maybe take a bath and remove the stench of a bad day with the help of his boyfriend. Boyfriend, that word brought a smile to his face, after all the Kates and the Jennifers, the problems that seemed endless because of kanimas, alpha packs and nemetons, Stiles was his boyfriend. To this day he had no idea how he got so lucky as to have Stiles be with him, if you had told him when he came back to Beacon Hills the first time that the teenager with the buzz cut and the mouth that would not shut up who kept getting himself, and at times Derek, in trouble would also be the guy to bring love back to his life Derek would have said you were crazy. He arrived at the rebuilt Hale House, the place he called home with Stiles, to find it empty. Stiles was probably over at Scott and Allison’s place or visiting his father so Derek didn’t think anything of it and then the doorbell rang. Derek went to open the door revealing Lydia and Danny.

“What are you two doing here?” Derek asked

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I was tagged by thelastheretic

1) What is your name? Its origins?

The origin of the name is Latin and ancient Roman based on the cognomen Sabinus, female. Sabina (= from the tribe of the Sabines), the Sabine.The saint Sabina of Rome was the patroness of Rome, the housewives and children against rain and blood flow
Ok I confess, I used google…

2) What is the language you would like to learn the most?

Well, english is not my first language and I have to use google translator a lot, I would love to learn english, so I can speak or write without use a duden or any translator.

3) What is your favourite art form?

Hm, music is kind of art, isn’t it? I love Musik.

4) What is your favourite series?

Merlin, Criminal Minds, Akte X ..I do not watch much TV, I prefer to read books or going to the cinema.

5) What is Death for you?

I think Death is like Sleeping just without dreaming. You are just not there anymore, no feelings, no anything.  It’s part of life, I’ve already lost a lot of  friends and family members, I’ve not afraid of it.

6) The last dream you remember?

I was on a Safari tour with Ben, his Husband and James D'Arcy, I really don’t know why I’ve dreamed it, but it was a funny dream.

7) What are your hobbies/interests?

I like to paint with acrylic, play the guitar, read books and I’ve a little dog and I love to play with him.

8) What do you think of the place you live in? 

I live near the baltic, it’s beautiful, I can’t imagine to live on a place far away from the sea.

9) Tell me two books that influenced you, and why.

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, this is the first book, I’ve ever read. Well, today I’m a bookworm.

Komm, ich erzähl dir eine Gescichte by Georg Bucay, It’s a book with a lot of little storys, with meaningful background, which you can use for life.

10) What d’you think of poetry? Do you like it?

I’m not very poetic, but I really like listening to poems read by Ben Whishaw.  (´・` )♡

11) Do you like Shakespeare? (and if you do, what is your favourite play?)

I have to confess the only Shakespeare works I know are the ones played by Colin Morgan and Ben Whishaw. ( The Tempes, Hamlet and Richard II ) I’m not sure if i like it because of the actors or because of the play itself.

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My Questions:

1. What can brighten your day when you’re having a bad one?
2. How would your friend describe you? In three words.
3. What is your all time favourite film/book?
4. Weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
5. What concerts have you been to? And how old were you when you went?
6. Describe the place where you live.
7. If you’re in a story, would you want to be the hero/heroin or the villain?
8. What character from which movie/series/book would you like to date?
9. How did you discover the fandom you’re currently in?
10. Number one place you want to travel to?
11. What’s your favourite Musik.

leeeeeex  asked:


✌: share 5 things that you really want

  1. right this moment I really really want a slice of that awesome chocolate cake they have during the winter season at starbucks
  2. for the people I love to be happy
  3. to cuddle with my dog (I still miss her so much) ;__;
  4. more time to do the things I like
  5. not to have to worry about money

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1. What can brighten your day when you’re having a bad one?
Somebody who makes me laugh
2. How would your friend describe you? In three words.
Caring, sarcastic, crazy.
3. What is your all time favourite film/book?
Hard question.. Casino Royale, i believe.
4. Weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
Watching my own funeral (yeah, i know, it’s creepy XD)
5. What concerts have you been to? And how old were you when you went?
An italian singer and i was 16 maybe? I don’t remember.
6. Describe the place where you live.
It’s a flat: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and a big living room, with two balconies.
7. If you’re in a story, would you want to be the hero/heroin or the villain?
The heroin XD
8. What character from which movie/series/book would you like to date?
James Bond, of course XD And right now Athos from The Musketeers BBC too.
9. How did you discover the fandom you’re currently in?
Thanks to Tumblr
10. Number one place you want to travel to?
London <3
11. What’s your favourite Musik.
Rock. The Queen are my favourite band

My questions:

1. Are you still studying?
2. Do you have a pet?
3. Would you like to live somewhere else (aka another country)?
4. Favourite dish?
5. Sea or mountain?
6. The trip of your dreams?
7. Do you like theatre?
8. Do you have any scars?
9. Favourite part of the day?
10. Are you shy?
11. The most importart person in your life?

leeeeeex  asked:

List ten facts about yourself and then past it to ten of your fave followers.

oh deary dear, i honestly suck at this but i’m gonna try my best lol and also? i’m one of your faves? awww!

  1. It’s been almost 2 months since I cut my hair short and I already miss my long hair.
  2. I love cats.
  3. I adore dogs and want one of my own.
  4. Books are better than everything you could ever think of. And yes that includes music and chocolate.
  5. I’m a chocoholic.
  6. Lover of fooood.
  7. My memory is really bad. Like, my mom has a sucky memory but mine is even worse sometimes. I feel like it’s genetic. maybe.
  8. I absolutely love watching documentaries, especially crime documentaries.
  9. I have a gym membership but I haven’t been to the gym in a month and before that 4 months or something like that.. I should really cancel that membership tbh
  10. I live close-ish to the airport in my town and love watching when flights take off or land. And I also love watching planes in the sky.

look at that, 10 facts about me - i did it!

anonymous asked:

could we get ygm clexa wedding? or start with like bachelor party. idk I'd just love to read more abt them and their life.

“Can you believe you’re here?”

Raven’s voice is raspy with sleep as she nudges Clarke awake.

“Where?” Clarke grumbles into her pillow, desperate for a few extra minutes but already overcome with excitement for the day.

“In a hotel about to get married, duh.”

“Oh, that.” Clarke is fully awake now, thinking about everything that today means. Remembering how softly Lexa kissed her at the elevators last night before they parted. How beautiful she looked at dinner, how happy and absolutely stunning she looked weaving through their combined family and friends.

Lexa Fox.

The love that came out of nowhere and surprised her.

The love that swept her off her feet before she even realized it.

Her smile spreads wide on her face as she dips it into the pillow, not ready to share everything moving inside of her yet.

“Yeah, that. Jesus, get with it, Clarke.” Raven teasingly groans and Clarke laughs as she springs out of bed.

“I’m getting married today!” She jumps in the air, arms splayed with the pure, absolute joy that washes over her.

They both laugh as Clarke jumps on the bed and squeals, bouncing up and down a few times before collapsing into a heap, the smile still plastered on her face and the butterflies still raging in her stomach.

“I’ve always liked that one.” Raven nods.

“You’re such a liar.” Clarke laughs again, punching Raven on the arm and rolling her eyes at the over-exaggerated groan that slips from the other girl’s lips.

“No I’m not,” Raven shakes her head and looks up seriously at Clarke. “I saw it happen right before my eyes. That first day she walked in with Aden something in the air changed. I might not have wanted to like… accept it or whatever once we figured out she was Fox Books, but… I saw it.”

Clarke blushes.

“You were just hypnotized before you realized it, Griff.”

“Shut up, Rave.”

“No, if I can’t tease you about being madly in love on your wedding day, when can I ever?”

“Um, pretty much every other hour of every other day.”

Raven cackles and springs out of bed, “Truth.”

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This is gonna be a short-ish one and 90% are Sterek blogs. I always thought I should make a follow forever, but was too lazy. Now I have time and am still too lazy, so there it’s done.

Thank you for making tumblr a place I love to come back to. More often than not just seeing you on my dash made me get over a bad day. Please stay as awesome as you are <3

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