leeds united amanda palmer


“A is for Accident” is my second tattoo. (The first is the Poet tattoo, on my other shoulder).

“A is for Accident” is the title of Amanda Palmer’s second (and live) album with the Dresden Dolls.  

I have wanted this tattoo for years because of what Amanda and accidents mean to me.  My name is Angel, which also starts with A like Amanda and accidents…

“but I've got a fool proof plan

if I can get them alone for an hour I swear

it’ll look like an accident

I could be decent yet”


that I have a soul beneath the surface 

trying to convince you

it was accidentally on purpose”

“behold the world’s worst accident

I am the girl anachronism”

“I am an accident waiting to happen

I’m laughing like mad while you strangle the captain”

“Lying in my bed

I remember what you said

There’s no such thing as accidents

I truly feel like everything I done has been a delicate chain of accidents, and each fall has been hard on my face. But despite it all, I’m here.

I started listening to the Dresden Dolls in 2008. My best friend at the time showed me them and I wasn’t sold at first but they turned into a guilty pleasure.  Then when “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?” came out, I was 100% in love.  I guess I could say Amanda really helped me through high school.  I think we all have our own band or musician that has helped us through everything, and mine was always Amanda.

Despite the depression, despite the loneliness and despite how many times I came so close to giving up, one of the only things that remained constant were these songs and their meaning.  To this day, Amanda still connects me to the best friend that showed me the Dresden Dolls in the first place. Him and I are always going to be linked, even if it’s by this threadbare string composed of “The Kill” and “Leeds United”.

Basically, I love Amanda Palmer and I am an accident.

And I always will be.

but sometimes accidents are miracles.

And that, I will be, too.