080512- Sunday, 8pm. Like many other Malaysians, I was in front of a tv set waiting anxiously for the Mens’ Finals for badminton to start. 

Ok…I wasn’t! I was rushing home from tapau-ing burgers for the match. But nevertheless I made it back when the match just started!

We were cheering like mad especially when there were some close calls!
I was like: Lindan netnetnet and outoutout in my head

The fact that my grandparents, daddy and me were sitting around in the living room glued to the screen was a bit uncommon. Add to that the factor of my grandma being so excited about the match, commenting stuff like bomohs helping Datuk Lee, and they buka puasa so Datuk Lee boh lat (no strength) in the 2nd match. It was also pretty entertaining when she was having a one-sided conversation with Lee Chong Wei (ChongWei! ChongWei! Smash aa!) 

In the end, the match lasted 79 minutes, a total of 3 matches 21-15 , 10-21 and 19-21.

Sad to say that it was a mere 2 points difference. What got us all tearing up was how disappointed Lee Chong Wei was. It was so evident in his face that he felt as if he’d let down the 28mil population of Malaysia. Heart wrenching man!

Especially when they gave out the medals :’(


Oh man! So many people were like T.T at this scene man! Everyone was brokenhearted that he was crying. I mean he did really well, especially after sustaining a leg injury few months back. He singlehandedly put Malaysia on the Olympic chart! Now we are number 46! See bangga-kan?

I guessed that he really wanted to hear Negaraku being played and the Jalur Gemilang raised higher than the China flags. Not that we don’t, but still it isn’t easy at all and so many people salute him for that!

Just saying, it’s not everyday that practically all if not most Malaysians were so united, siting in front of their tellies rooting for their champion.
Don’t know whether they were really rooting for Datuk Lee or they just wanted Free Baskin Robbins ice cream…

But yet a man, a Chinese man in fact united the hearts of many Malaysians in an hour, compared to the decades that politicians have spent but failed in integrating the races, is just so much win in itself! It wasn’t about skin colour or language for that matter. The cheers of Malaysia Boleh! and Jiayou Lee Chong Wei! still resound in my ears.

So, if I hear a word about anyone mentioning about holidays and free ice cream… 

Yeah, *Slaps* to you. So giamsiap, go London yourself and play la! Ishhh.
But I’ve gotta admit that Baskin Robbins’ publicity department is really brilliant. Either win or lose, they still get huge publicity. But I guess their Boss must be quite relieved, don’t need to give out 2 hours of free ice cream.  

Hero, a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal.

Well, because of him Twitter has been trending stuff like Hero, ThankyouLeeChongWei, Negaraku, LCW4gold and many other things!
Too cool man! Well played silver medalist Lee Chong Wei, home-grown talent indeed. Thank you for representing Malaysia and putting us on the Olympic Map!