“What’s this stuff?” He asked, motioning to the boxes as D.Va loaded up one of her two computers, and she barely glanced over before grinning.

“Some of its merch that I need to sign- that pile there- and the rest is gifts from fans. Thanks for reminding me though, I should do an unboxing vid soon…” She pointed to the chair in front of the other computer. “Bring that over here.”

Jack complied, pulling it over and taking a seat as she got herself logged in. Her background was simple, not quite as extravagant as he’d thought it’d be, just a black background with her bunny and the MEKA symbol in the middle. It was, however, littered with file folders and applications.

"How do you find anything on here?” He asked, watching as she opened, then closed three folders.

"I don’t, obviously.” D.Va muttered, opening a search bar and typing in a long line of what Jack assumed was romanized Korean. Whatever it was, though, it worked, pulling up the icon for Civilization 8 and D.Va clicked into it. "It’s an English copy with Korean subtitles, but we never needed the instructions. Here, take over for me, 76.”

She rolled her chair out of the way, and Jack moved in front of the screen, clicking through the intro movie to the start screen. Instead of the typical map and start buttons, there were pictures of MEKA pilots, military photos with dates underneath.

"It’s all the ones who haven’t made it back to base after a fight,” D.Va said, quietly, as Jack looked over the photos.

"Is all of MEKA so young?” He asked, finally tearing his gaze away from one picture, a man maybe D.Vas age, smiling but with tear tracks running down his face.

Lips Like Liquor

Scenario: Your friend really should’ve taken your phone. Now you’ve drunk texted Yoongi and there’s no turning back.

A/N: @zicosbabymamma here it is, boo. As pure usual, I’m a grumpy Gus about this. At first I liked it, but now I’m not so sure. It is what it is and I at least hope you enjoyed it.

Genre: Suga x Reader

Words: 6009

Disclaimers: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

Warnings: Smut. Smutty Smut Smut.

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You hadn’t regretted the dozens of texts you sent as much as you did when you saw him enter the bar. A dark blue baseball cap pulled low over his eyes as they scanned the dozens of faces. No doubt looking for a hint of your location inside the crowded room.  

You were trying to become one with the pleather booth. Not giving a damn about the food crumbs stuck between the headboard and seat or the old smell of sweat and booze stained inside the broken cracks. The only thing your drunk ass cared about was not being spotted; groaning inwardly at your idiotic idea to keep your phone on you.  

The regret not weighing enough to stop you from sending him that first text:

Let’s fuck.

You’d received “Kekekeke” almost seconds later. Only to send him another message that informed him what you’d implied wasn’t a joke. You wanted him, and wanted him for months, but you were just his friend. Your texts back of, “Yoongi, I just want to feel you one time. Just once. Please. We don’t have to mention it after…” Making him call you seconds after you sent it.

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D.Va was sitting with Jack on one partially crushed table, frowning at the holographic map in the middle.

It was a surprise that the map was still active—it had been ages since the battle that had left Reinhardt a wreck in the middle of the omnic war once he’d heard of it—but Jack figured that it was solar powered like just about anything lately and luck had it that there were no leaves covering the sensors.

“This was their battle plan?” D.Va breaks the silence with a small scoff, not loud enough to attract Reinhardt attention, but loud enough for Jack. “No wonder they were overrun…”

"I wouldn’t mention that to Reinhardt,” jack replied, watching as she jerked her head up like she forgot that he was sitting at the table with her. “But you’re right. They left their entire left side open to a counter attack.”

A slow grin overtook her face, and D.Va nearly crowed in delight. “That’s the longest sentence you’ve said to me so far! And I know—if they’d only pushed from here, maybe they would have had a chance.”

By the time Tracer returned with confirmation that Talon was there, Jack had found a piece of paper and was drawing up a mock-solution to the Eichenwald siege with D.Va.

"D.Va! We have Talon activity moving towards the castle. What do you want to do?”

Reinhardt and Torbjorn moved to the back, by Lucio, to get Reinhardt equipped in his gear as D.Va thought. It still amazed Jack that someone so young outranked all of them—Reinhardt and Torbjorn were officially retired, Jack was technically dead, Lucio was a civilian, and Tracer had never held an official rank in Overwatch—and was technically their commander at the moment.

Looking down at the paper between them, the paper that he folded up and shoved in a pocket as D.Va began to outline a plan of attack, Jack found he didn’t mind so much.

Can I show off a bit of fic that I’m writing because I love it

The last person to enter was Hanzo, and he held up his empty hands. “You told me not to bring anything, so I came empty handed. Well, minus Umi and Kawa. I couldn’t exactly leave them behind.”

Jesse’s bag was set to the side, and Lena gathered Hanzo up in a huge hug, before wincing internally and letting go when she felt him stiffen.

“Hanzo’s my favourite now. It goes Emily, Hanzo—ack!” she said, pointing to the others, only to get pulled into a headlock by Genji. “You’re uninvited! Leave!”

“Never—I’m like a vampire. You invited me in so I’m never going to leave and I might show up in the middle of the night unannounced—“ he retaliated, the grin evident in his voice.

The commotion was enough to draw not only Emily out, but one of Lena’s neighbours, and she slipped from Genji’s grip to smile politely at the elderly man before shutting the door. “Emily, my friends. My friends, Emily, the love of my life.”

Where I Belong

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,841

Summary: Love is a crazy thing and sometimes creeps up on us. What will Dean do when he realizes just how much you mean to him? 

Warnings: Language, canon typical violence, fluff. 

A/N: For @deanwinchester-af ‘s 2.5k 25 Songs Challenge. I chose ‘Crazy Love’ sung by Jason Manns and Jensen Ackles. This video is so damn distracting because Jensen is absolute perfection in it. I love him and his grumpy self. I hope you all enjoy! 

Tags: At the bottom. Let me know if you want to be added or taken off or moved lists. Currently I only tag followers. Refer to this post for reasons. 

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You heard a loud ‘Fuck! Goddammit!’ come from the bathroom and you rolled your eyes as you crossed the room, closing the clasp on the bracelet you’d been putting on your wrist. He’d been cursing this case all day and frankly, acting like a child about it.

“Dean, sweetie, what’s wrong?” you asked, trying to keep the condescending tone out of your voice but failing if his heavy sigh was any indication.

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i couldn’t stop myself after i jokingly hypothesized earlier today that if york is hardcore punk, zach is pastel punk. i’m very pleased with the results, and it is no longer a joke. 

so here we have both colored lineart and rainbow lineart, because i couldn’t fucking decide between the two

THANK U TO carolmaclaine AND reddeadnurse FOR WATCHING MY STREAM… sorry leechy idk if you have a personal!!

Cass headcanons:

  • loves the more “tropical” fruit-mangos, leechi, jackfruit, rambutan, dragon fruit
  • if asked about her scars by someone who doesn’t know her super hero identity answers “Fell,’. It doesnt suffice but she is rather amused by their reactions
  • as cassandra cain wayne has to wear long sleeved things and long things to cover some brutal scars. she totally rocks a suit as well, but she does like how a skirt swishes around her-Dick twirls her around like a princess and she’s gleeful as a child
  • the type of person that orders one thing from a restaurant every time
  • burns through scented candles and buys specific scents by the boxfuls
  • likes taking classes with other people in yoga, she finds it relaxing to see other people relax really-the pressure not to talk to anyone helps too
  • watched aladdin once and hums one jump ahead during training and patrols
  • actually likes painting and drawing-not really drawing anything but likes the feeling of chalk and has done multiple finger paintings that have been hung in the manor

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Show and tell time!


Hanzo walked into the kitchen, Oxton following behind, and Satya Vaswani (codename Symmetra) rounded on him.

“Remove them.” She pointed to the stove, and the pot on it, with a glare. And it didn’t take Hanzo long to see why.

With a sigh, he walked forwards and grabbed the pot. It was half full of water, and half full of dragons. The pair of blue dragons looked up at him adoringly, churping as he walked over to the sink.

“I apologize—They are simply curious.” He made sure that the sink drain was plugged, before dumping the water, and dragons, into it. He did not need to go digging in the plumbing for them again. They squeaked as they slid into the sink, clawed feet scrambling for purchase as they were dumped. “But why did you not remove them yourself?”

One thing that all members of Overwatch, new and old, know is that Genji Shimada’s dragon is not to be touched, talked to, or picked up. While the semi-solid spirit is a bonus, it’s attitude is…not.

So, when everyone learned that Genji’s brother was joining them, and he had two dragon spirits, everyone was less than excited. Sure, Genji had assured them all that Hanzo’s dragons were more personable than his, but no one relished a trip to Angela for dragon inflicted wounds.

So it was a surprise when they all met Hanzo—the man was so tense and uptight despite his casual appearance—to see how mischievous his dragons were. While he wasn’t completely unapproachable, simply not accustomed to working with others and tense around Genji, his dragons were as personable as they could be.

Which lead to moments like this.

The scene: Overwatch Kitchens on Floor G, an hour to lunch time.

The people involved: Lena Oxton, Satya Vaswani, Hanzo Shimada, ATHENA.

The situation: Dragons where they do not belong.