MASS MoCA interns, staff and local volunteers are helping artist Lee Boroson begin fabrication on work for his upcoming Building 5 exhibition, Plastic Fantastic.

Step 1: Trace circles on vinyl.

Step 2: Pin four corners of a circle through two layers of vinyl.

Step 3: Cut out circles.

Step 4: Sew the circumference of the circle.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4 until you end up with a sculpture! (Canopy by Lee Boroson, 2010.)

Session Photos: Olympia Shannon


Desktop Monument: The Monolith

Eons ago, the ancient ones placed the towering monolith on top of the hill, for all to see. With perfect curves, straight lines, and smooth finish, the monolith reveals no indications of how long it has stood there, silently watching the sea. The dark, reflective void on its front is as impenetrable as the silver symbol on its back. It is obvious that these ancient ones were no mere mortals, for how could man concieve of such utterly alien attributes? All we know is this inscription near the bottom:

Iph One
Desig Ned Bya Pple Incal Ifor Nia.

We mortals can only hope to understand this message from an incorruptible totem.

(Although this is a submission for Desktop Monument, I think it also makes for a great “Off” piece as well.)

Materials: My mom’s iPhone 4s, balcony, Bay Area landscape.
Camera: iPhone 4s.

Name: David Shi (pronounced like “she”)

Pronouns: he, his