Tonight I was reminded of the prompt when Lee had to kill Amber, and my Leeber feelings are all over the place right now b/c jfhjadskhjkdsfds.

Now here they were, fate working against both of them, dragging Amber closer to Hell once more and leaving Lee to do the dirty work. The longer she waited, the more Amber suffered. The tears streaming down her face went unnoticed amidst the destruction around them, the blood coating both of their bodies, and the rapid heaving of Amber’s chest, accompanied by several cries, most of them nonsensical, several for Casper. And one for her sister.

When she heard that one, Lee’s eyes closed and she sucked in a breath. This couldn’t be happening. It just couldn’t. A shaky exhale escaped her throat and she licked her lips, her entire mouth dry as her eyes gazed into the clouded ones of the girl beneath her. She had gone through so much, sacrificed incredible amounts, and loved more than anyone deserved, especially not Lee, and yet this is how the world repaid her. Why was life so unfair?

“Per favore,” the voice was barely there, though it sounded needy, a plea of sorts, because that’s what it was. Lee knew what the Italian girl meant, and she knew she couldn’t disobey her friend’s deathbed wish. She had put her on this deathbed, and yet, not really. She was the reason it was a deathbed, but she had not placed Amber there, not intentionally, at least.

Biting her lip, Lee leaned forward, moving her hand away from Amber’s and up to her forehead, wiping the hair out of her face before sliding it back down and giving the other girl’s one last squeeze. “Mi dispiace tanto,” she recalls the Italian from years she doesn’t wish to remember.

“Buonanotte, Amber,” she whispers, closing her eyes for a second before slipping her hand out of her friend’s and bringing it to wrap around the wood with her other one. “Tu sarai sempre mia amica.”

Then she raises her hands and plunges them down, driving the stake straight through, ending one’s suffering, and enlarging that of another. -Kill Me Prompt (LB)

Time to go cry. Forever.