leeanet noble



“The day after the show in Paris, on all the papers there were pictures of models next to pictures of brown girls everywhere. After the show, one of our college girls couldn’t stop crying. She was like, “I can’t believe this is happening.” She was so overwhelmed with emotion. The girls worked so hard on this. The final train in the show, I can’t even describe how much energy it took. I felt like I was carrying the whole group on my back after doing that performance. It was thrilling, but we put a lot of sweat into that piece. We had Deltas locked in with AKAs locked in with Zetas locked in with non-Greek professional dancers. At one point one dancer was saying, “I’m locked in with an AKA and I’m a Delta, and I feel kind of funny about it.” I told her it’s not about what sorority you’re in, it’s about being connected as one in a sisterhood as women, working together and bringing that power. This was not a piece where it was time for smiles. We’re working, we’re coming hard, we’re intense and we’re strong. Each sorority has their own style of stepping. This whole project was about people stepping out of what they’re used to. That’s why people are saying its so groundbreaking, it’s something the fashion world has never seen.”

Celebrate Kwanzaa at the Museum!

Dubbed the “World’s Greatest Entertainer” and “the human beat box” for his unrivaled ability to rock a crowd, Harlem native Doug E. Fresh, with reggae rapper Vicious, DJs Barry B, and Will Chill, will ring in the new year at the Museum’s 37th annual Kwanzaa spectacular

Artistic Director of Yaffa Cultural Arts Linda Humes, with master drummers Sanga of the Valley and LeeAnet Noble, following a special opening by the Harlem School of the Arts Legacy Ensemble, guides us through a joyous holiday that celebrates the African roots of the African-American community, drawing on seven universal principles. 

Award-winning filmmaker MK Asante introduces his landmark movie The Black Candle: A Kwanzaa Celebration, followed by a musical tribute to the film’s narrator, Dr. Maya Angelou. Q&A to follow with Asante and Jamilah Lemieux, Senior Editor of EBONY Magazine.

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