Boys Republic shouldn't be Underrated.

Alright Motherfuckers listen up. This post is dedicated to 5 fine piece of asses that deserve much more attention and love.

See these 5 amazing piece of asses? Yes? Yeees. They are “Boys republic”, aka, Fandom name, the “Royal Family”. You might think “Who the hell are these people?”, well, your lucky that I made this post. I will be introducing these 5 amazing bootyful people.

“Why the hell did she make this post?”
Bc these Boys are worth my damn time and it’s frustrating how much love and attention they don’t get, aka they are underrated. People should see how damn amazeballs they are.


Lets move on.

First Member

First member is the almighty Leader-nim, Wonjun/Onnejun. Yes, Leader-nim is a hunky piece of ass. 
He’s the most reliable member in this group. The members trust him with all their heart and he is fucking proud of that.

He is very passionate about music and is really serious on his work. He’s the one who would risk anything for his work and his group. Lovable Leader all the way.

You know what else? He has a really sexy laugh. If you don believe me then watch this . If you didn’t hear that cute and sexy laugh then you just missed half of your life.

This man is proud of what he does for the group, he never looks back and moves forward. He believes in confidence and his motto is “If I don’t acquit myself, I won’t acquit anyone else before me.” Yes. Despite his lack of fashion sense, This man is lovable in every aspect.

Next bootyful Member.

Meet Dabin, the most gorgeous man you will ever see. His skin is absolutely flawless, no pimples or any shit that will make him look like Yoda.

Dabin is the warm heart of the group. He’s the one you can get comfy with because his caring and soft attitude will make you smile. Although he has a warm personality, do not get on his bad side, you will seriously regret it. Dabin is the one who teaches the members a lesson if they did wrong, he’s the mom of the group, he will get mad at you for what you did wrong because he cares for the better of what you will become. He also doesn’t like anyone touching his things, he want privacy on that.

Dabin’s voice is hella amzing. It’s like an angel singing you a lullaby, I swear his voice makes me smile every time I hear it. Click this and see for yourself. A heartwarming personality plus an amazing voice and a fucking gorgeous face, WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU NOT WANT THAT.

I salute to you if you are still reading this post. Your halfway in getting the love my dear chingu.

Next member is
Sungjun. Sungjun is the one who makes the other members smile and just laugh in times of deep trouble. He’s the one who would say “What the hell are those down faces. Stop. It makes you look ugly. hurry up and smile so people will see your handsome smile!”.

Ah yes. Sungjun is the Royal Family’s support in laughter. When your beside him, you will immediately start laughing no matter what. This bootyful member is best at jokes and will do anything to see his fellow members smile again.

Although he teases the members a lot, he still cares for them in everyway, he wants them to just keep their heads up and not to look back, he believes in courage, he says “People are unsuccessful because they lack courage.”

Love this man and his awesome sharp mohawks.

prepare your ovaries.

This is Minsu. This is my bias in the group and I fucking love him with all my damn heart. Don’t be deceived by his sharp looks, all under that is a deep guy who thinks through things carfeully. He isn’t the type to be reckless but does things carefully with deep thought.

Out of all the members, he’s the one who thinks the most. Even on just trivial things. He is thoughtful on the other members and makes sure he gets what they think on things too. Minsu is the mature thinker in the family, and all of them respects him for that.


He’s the one you can really depend if your seeking for an advice. This guy will let you lean on his shoulder if you need it. And the fact that he’s in charge of the sexiness in the group makes it all better <3 hella yes.

This Charismatic guy believes in confidence, “If you do not have confidence, nothing will end well.” He believes in his skill and does his very best not to bring down the group, he works hard for his brothers and tries his best to make the fans proud.

Are you crying yet. 
Nah, just joking.

But alas, we move to the last member of thes very bootyful group.
Suwoong. The most adorable guy who will most likely ruin your bias list. Suwoong is the Youngest in the group (Maknae), and is the most childish one. 

He gives the other members a hard time most often but he cares a lot for them. Whenever they’re down, he tries his best to cheer them up with being cute and funny.

Despite him being the youngest, his devotion to his work and group is as high as the heavens. He does training and practices with all his might to improve and make their fans proud. He has high faith that with his hyungs, they will go even further up.

He’s the one with the most refreshing points. When the air seems heavy, his presence makes the members feel more at ease.

Suwoong relies in the group and his faith in them never falters.

I love every damn thing about this group. I don’t care if they don’t have all the good looks, they are fucking precious in my damn eyes.

They are the wonderful bootyful dorks that gives my day a smile. They are worth every damn second I look at them.

No matter what shit

I am with these dorks till the end.


january 20, 2014
happy birthday to one of my idol in BOYS REPUBLIC.
thank you for being a great inspiration in our entire life through your acts, dance and music.
wish all the best to you, your group, and your love ones.
hope more years to come to inspire and making us happy.
please stay what you are and please don’t stop loving us.
because we will never stop loving you.
we love you.