“A psychologist named Adler once said this, "What defines our lives is not the wounds or traumas when we grow up, but It’s the goal we decide to accomplish. Based on those goals, we decide our behaviors by ourselves.” Therefore, if I trust someone, that’s because I just have to trust that person. Even if I get betrayed, keeping that trust is not credibility. It’s called faith.“

Watch: EXO's Chen And Lee Eun Mi Deliver A Legendary Performance On "Fantastic Duo 2"

Watch: EXO’s Chen And Lee Eun Mi Deliver A Legendary Performance On “Fantastic Duo 2”

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The highly anticipated duet between EXO’s Chen and veteran singer Lee Eun Mi is finally here!

During the latest episode of SBS’s “Fantastic Duo 2,” the two artists sang Lee Eun Mi’s hit ballad track “I Have a Lover.” Chen and Lee Eun Mi deliver powerful emotions as they effortlessly showcase their incredible vocals.

Check out the flawless performance below!


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in case you’ve been searching / missing Jung Joonyoung’s compilation performances on Superstar K4 (2012) (video cr thanks to Kangil Bang at Youtube)

00:14 Audition (The Breeze - 뭐라할까 / What Should I Say?)

01:07 Audition (YB - 박하사탕 / Mint Candy)

02:07 Collaboration Mission (Lee Sang Eun - 언젠가는 / Someday)

04:16 Rival Mission ft. Roy Kim (Kim Kwang Seok - 먼지가되어 / Becoming Dust)

07:56 TOP 12 (티삼스 Tisams - 매일매일 기다려 / Waiting Everyday)

10:16 TOP 9 (Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses)

13:04 TOP 7 (들국화 Deulgukhwa - 그것만이 내 세상 / It’s Only My World)

15:54 TOP 6 (봄여름가을겨울  Spring Summer Fall Winter - 아웃사이더 / Outsider)

19:18 TOP 4 (이지 izi - 응급실 / Emergency Room)

22:44 TOP 4 Special Perf. ft Roy Kim (Radiohead - Creep)

26:20 TOP 3 (이승철 Lee SeungChul - 잊었니 / Did You Forget)

30:06 TOP 3 (나비효과 Butterfly Effect - 첫사랑 / First Love)

So, what is your favorite performance? :) Hope this will help!