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can you tell me details on the two new models? kim kibum and lee joohyung thank you ^^ beautiful blog btw!

Thank you~ I’m glad you’re enjoying this blog ♥

Kim Kibum is a 19-year-old model under Esteem Development (UPDATE - he is now under YGKplus). He was born October 31st, 1995. He is 187cm.

He was interested in modeling since middle school so he went through a rigorous exercise program to lose weight. He went from 90kg to 65kg!

He entered Esteem Academy in 2012 and formally debuted in Caruso’s S/S 2013 fashion show. He got a big fanclub following right after the show. He does an online chatroom with his fans on Saturdays.

His favorite foreign models are Cole Mogr and Jeremy Young.

A lot of people mistake him for SHINee’s Kim Kibum.

He wants to meet Han Ga In, of whom he was a fan since he was young.

His favorite places to shop are Sinsa and Dongdaemun and his favorite brand is ZARA and he’s recently come to like Go Taeyong (Beyond Closet).

He is good friends with fellow model Gi Dohoon.

He is in trouble when fans give him chocolate because he’s supposed to be on a diet XD

His official Twitter is @rlqja154


Lee Joohyung is also 19 years old. He was born December 2nd, 1995. He is 186cm.

He entered Esteem Academy in January 2013 and graduated in February as part of the 22nd Class. His class profile picture:

He hasn’t been added to Esteem’s Development yet so he’s working as an amateur model. He’s still fresh out of the Academy so we’ll give him some time to build up his repertoire.^^ He does have a massive fanclub for being a model for less than a year.

Among his role models are Fhi Fan, Ahn Jaehyun and Kim Wonjoong.

A lot of people are calling him the “second Ahn Jaehyun.”

He plays the flute. His parents objected to him becoming a model because they wanted him to have a career playing the flute.

He worked a part-time job while he was in the Academy.

He wants to be in fashion shows for PUSH BUTTON and Steve J & Yoni P.

He tends to tremble a lot when he gets nervous, like at fashion shows and on sets.

Because they went through the same experiences around the same time, he is good friends with model Kim Kibum.

I believe his Twitter is @zoo951202. Again, someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

Hope that helps!~