the scene where he gets jealous of Baek-ah getting her a birthday present but he didn’t 

the scene where he asks her permission to kiss her but she shoves his face 

the scene where he admires her beauty on the boat, but just to mess with her, he nearly tips it over

the scene where he gets jealous that jung is in her room 

the scene where they promise to be truthful with each other from now on




I turned my previous gifsets into my own mini series video about Wang So in modern times with this cute song from ML sountrack.


You wanna be Im Yoona? Suzy?

No, I want to be Song Jihyo

Song Jihyo With All the Hottest Korean Man..

part 2 : http://13elievemy15.tumblr.com/post/155394773740/because-one-is-doesnt-enough-song-ji-hyo-and

Theres an alternative universe where Baek Ah and So just say fuck this shit and go to live in the mountains.  And they pass the days with So training people in martial arts and Baek Ah painting and playing music.

Of course Soo joins them, she has a beauty business and people watch in complete confusion as the scary martial arts teacher melts when he sees his wife. 

One day Woo Hee comes along, she killed Taejo and has been on the run. But the mountains are a mystery and no one will ever know who you truly are.
So she befriends Wang So, and teaches alongside him… whilst simultaneously pretending not to swoon everytime she hears a certain tune being played especially to woo her. But she knows she’d fallen for the pink robed musician a long time ago.

and they just live happily, Wang Moo becomes king and him, Jung and Eun find themselves ‘accidentally’ visiting the mountains on a regular basis, without anyone ever finding out out why.

9 Korean Actors That Could Kill With Their Sexiness

9 Korean Actors That Could Kill With Their Sexiness

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We are here today to appreciate some of the hot Korean actors who have proven over and over their ability to impress everyone with their sexiness. Their looks, confidence, and charisma –  it’s almost as if  they are trying to give us heart attacks with their every glance!

(Be careful, this article might cause excessive fangirling over these talented hotties!)

Without further ado, here are just a…

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anonymous asked:

Quick question: What scene is that picture of Wang So wearing that black mask from? I never saw it before. I looked it up and saw stills of him Baek Ah and Ji Mong dressed in all black too. I'm curious if it was stills that were cut or not?

It’s a scene which was featured only in the International version which was aired on Dramafever, in China and all the other countries. It was at the beginning of episode 17 when Yo had the hallucination about his father.