Personally, i don’t know… should i be happy? but i really feel so sad. 
The first Korean Variety Show that i like and the show that lead me more to love about Korea.

But last night at 2016 SBS Entertainment Award, 6 members of RM come together to the red carpet. And Lee Kwang Soo is the one and only RM’s member who get an award, Top Excellence Entertainment Award. He deserve it. And i never seen Kwangsoo oppa trumbling and crying like that. Seeing Jihyo eonni cry… and all member who have sad expression is sooo heart breaking.

And i burst to tears when Kwangsoo oppa mention every member, including Song Joongki and Lizzy. 

“We will finish the program well”


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[!] ToppDogg’s Thanks To in their 3rd Mini Album ‘AmadeuS’.



It’s time for another Thanks To hehe, thank you to all those who are always by Topp Dogg’s side. Monitor Punch and Teacher Dizz who made TOPDOG, also New West who created the cool choreography, our beloved manager-hyungs who are always running and working hard for us. We always feel sorry but thankful for causing trouble. My family members, thank you for always being there for me and to my grandfather who’s watching from heaven, I love you! Also to our members!! Rest well.


To everyone who worked hard and participated in Topp Dogg’s album, thank you. Team Leader Sangyeop, Han Jihoon-hyung, Jung Changhyun-hyung, Seungwan-hyung, Mingyu-hyung, Director Joohee, Team Leader Dongsoo, Director Jaesuk, CEO Cho PD, thank you. Also Teacher Dizz! We’ll work harder. Thank you to my older and younger friends who always support me, sorry I haven’t been able to contact you often. Thanks to my family. Sorry for being blunt XD Lastly to our fans, thank you for always being by our side. I can’t express myself well, I’m sorry. Thank you everyone ♥


Universe and stars.


To my father, mother and older sister, thank you for always supporting and believing in your ugly son and younger brother. President Joyong, CEO Jo Joonghoon, CEO Kim Jongha, PD Dizz, Chairman Lee Jintaek, Chief Yeo Ingoo, Director Lee Chanho, Director Han Joohee, Director Park Jaesuk, Leader Jeon Sangjoon, Sangyeop-hyung, Jihoon-hyung, Dongsoo-hyung, Songwan-hyung, Mingyu-hyung, Jinkwan-hyung, Aran-noona, Soyeon-noona, Hyunjung-noona, Reporter Junhyung, Changhyun-hyung, Kyumin-hyung~ To all company staff, thank you! Seoyeon-noona who always gives me pretty hairstyle, Jung-noona who gives me cool makeup and all salon staff, thank you! Woojin-hyung who takes good pics, the stylist team who gives us cool outfits to wear, thank you! We’re receiving lots of love now but please give us lots of love too in the future. To our fans who have been together with us, I love you~ I’m not just giving tips but Topp Dogg, let’s go for a long time! Until the day we become recognised singers… Fighting!!


To my family who always supports me by my side, I love you and sincerely thank you. To my grandmother in heaven who cheers for me, I love you. And to CEO Jo Joonghoon, CEO Kim Jongha,  Chairman Lee Jintaek, Chief Yeo In Goo, Chief Choi Myunggeun, Director Lee Chanho, Director Jaesuk, Director Han Joohee, Jihoon-hyung, Team Leader Sangyup and Team Leader Dongsoo, who work hard for Topp Dogg, and those who take care of us, Manager Mingyu-hyung and Seungwan-hyung, Leader Jeon Sangjoon, New West Crew and other company staff, thank you so much! Also PD Dizz, Driver Junhyung and Changhyun-hyung, who work hard for our songs and recordings, I sincerely thank you. To Youngwoon-hyung, who suffered a lot because of us, I couldn’t thank you enough. To Stardom family, I love you all. I am the versatile Seogoong who always keeps a rookie mindset and gives his best in everything. I will become Seogoong who receives beauty everywhere he goes. Ah!!! Also, sorry for rambling. From now on, please accept my rambling!!!! ㅋThank you.


My parents, Stardom family, Jacqueline hyungs and noonas, New West!! Thank you for always being there for me, I’ll become Hojoon who’s always showing a new image. Let’s hit big!!!!


Thank you to God, who allows me to open my eyes every morning to spend my days living and breathing passionately. Thank you to my parents who believe in me and watch over me, Kim Simeon, Song Ji Eun, Lady Woosshi I love you. Misongie, Jeon Yoojin, Kang Dakyung, Kwon Sohee, Park Soohyun, Yoo Jonmin, I want to thank you for being there for me. CEO and the rest of Stardom family! Thank you for guiding me so I could soar higher and stand on the stage. New West Crew, Leader Sangjoon! Thank you for always giving us good choreography. Jacqueline! Teacher Seoyeon, teacher Yoonyoung!! Friends forever. Our pretty ToppKeul!! I love you. To my grandmother in heaven, I sleep at night staring at your watch. Grandma, I miss you.


Thank you to CEO Cho PD who has helped us release this album well and to the Stardom hyung and noona staff who always work hard all night for Topp Dogg!! Thank you the stylist team who provided us with cool styling for this album. And to the Jacqueline noonas who devote their time to work on our hair and makeup for every schedule! To Woojin-hyung and Metaoloz, who work very hard everytime we shoot an MV. To the best managers, who always give us strength and suffer in the process! Also to the Topp Dogg members, keep grinding!!!!


My precious family and grandmother, I love you. Thank you to everyone who support and cheer for me from faraway places. Byunghun-ah, Junghyun-ah, I’ll see you when I get a vacation keke. Auntie Yeolshin, Auntie Ilsook, thank you very much. Lastly and once again, my parents and older sister. Grandmother, I love you so much.


Thank you to all staff who work hard for Topp Dogg. To New West Crew’s Leader Sangjoon who have provided us with good choreography since debut, Jacqueline hyungs and noonas who make us look pretty, the handsome Woojin-hyung who takes cool pictures of us, my dongsaeng Sehee who always gives me strength, my pillars of support father, mother, jjingjjingi Yuri [T/N: jjingjjingi refers to someone who sounds nasal], and my friends who are like my other halves Youngse, Jaepil, Junwoo, Sunwoo and Seunghyun, I’m always thankful. I also give my gratitude and apology to my Topp Dogg dongsaengs and friends who are just like my own family and stay by my side everyday, I hope we can keep our current mindset and work hard. Thank you to Stardom family. I will become a person who is mature and well-mannered with each album release.


To my beloved mother, father, hyung and families, thank you so much for always cheering for me. Also my friends who are currently serving in the army, stay healthy, protect the country well and come back! To Stardom family members who always work hard for us, CEO Cho PD, CEO Kim, Chief Choi, Chief Yeo, Director Joohee, Team Leader Dongsoo, Jihoon-hyung, Sangyeop-hyung, Director Chanho, Jaesuk-hyung, Seungwan-hyung, Mingyu-hyung, Teacher Dizz, Junhyung-hyung, Changhyun-hyung, Soyeon-noona, Aran-noona, Songwriter Woojin, Blacktie, Leader Sangjoon and the New West dance team, I love you all and thank you. And lastly, our ToppKlass!! I’m always thankful, I love you <3


Hello~ I’m Topp Dogg’s Xero. First of all, I thank everyone who has given support and love for Topp Dogg. There has been a lot of difficult periods and slumps until now, but because of our friends and ToppKlass, I gained more strength. My only mother, father, Sarang-noona, Leader Sangjoon & New West crew who go through lots of trouble because of us, CEO Cho PD & CEO Kim Jongha who generously give us advices, Jihoon-hyung & Sangyeop-hyung who are always by our side to give strength, our manager hyungs who work harder than anyone else Jaesuk-hyung, Mingyu-hyung and Seungwan-hyung, and lastly our Stardom staff who are like family to me, I sincerely thank you and love you all! I will become Xero who continues to grow in the future.

Trans: Topp Dogg Intl