Faithful Man
Lee Fields & The Expressions
Faithful Man

Lee Fields & The Expressions - Faithful Man

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, your daddy has soul!  And as a man with soul, I would be remiss not to tell you about Lee Fields & The Expressions.  Actually, I have to admit to only finding him last year but I have become a huge fan and definitely wanted to make sure you were exposed to this genre of music as it is a good thing to have a well-rounded background when it comes to tunes.  Hearing him live earlier this year made me an even bigger fan as he can do what he does live which is most important!

Faithful Man is a throwback to old soul and is a song I wanted to make sure you heard for the music and for his voice.  There is a true, raw emotion in his voice in this song and it is something that caught my ear and had me hooked.  You can feel his anguish which is something many vocalists try and fail at.  Even if you end up not liking this style of music…I will make sure you are at least exposed to what I consider the best.


‘You’re The Kind of Girl’ | Lee Fields


Happy Valentine’s Day, Beautiful Ladies–“Ya look so good in the summertime.”



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Lee Fields & The Expressions – (“Love Comes and Goes”)

Lee Fields & The Expressions draws an immediate comparison to one of Operation Every Band’s favorite SXSW 2011 performers, Charles Bradley & Menahan Street Band. While Fields vocals are a little smoother the comparison is apt. Fields is on Truth & Soul records and the full length, “My World”, they released in 2009 is an excellent soul record that pre-dates Bradley’s well received 2011 disc. In his live performances Fields, like many classic soul entertainers, rules the stage and exhibits an uncanny sense of the natural progression of a performance. 

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