For people who still doubt Yang Hyun Scum’s shitty CEO qualities look how he treats Akdong Musician. First of all, he wanted Suhyun, a fucking 17 year old girl (she was probably 16 or younger at the time) to get a nose job. so automatic fuck you. But besides that. AKMU is from what I can see probably the group in YG that needs the least amount of staff assistance to make a comeback. They don’t need world class choreographers, or high fashion brands. They don’t need teddy or lydia or Kush or any YG producer making their music. all those two kids need are a guitar, a studio to record in, and a room to practice in. Then they just need some indie film maker to do their art direction and music video (i’m pretty sure AKMU contributes to their own art direction too). Those kids are an indie band, who had wild success prior to YG. Chanhyuk has hundreds of songs. I’m sure countless of albums waiting to go. But YG won’t even let them release anything? Chanhyuk even has songs ready for a suhyun solo album when he’s in the army. The sad thing is that he even asked YG to please let Suhyun sing when he goes to the army. It’s so infuriating because YG literally has two musical geniuses under his company that can do everything themselves perfectly without any of his resources. But they’re locked up in the fucking dungeon. He has these amazing artists but he’s letting them waste it’s so fucking stupid because AKMU is so popular and would sell so much if he let them release music. 


they are SO CUTE