′Once′ the musical comes to Seoul “원스” 뮤지컬

My thoughts on When A Man Loves

Overall I thought it was a mess. I couldn’t sit through an entire episode and skipped through most of them ‘til the end. Still they wrapped it up pretty well.

But let’s be serious

The best scene in the entire show was at 51:20 in the final episode

When Chang Hee got out of prison

And Jae Hee rubbed Tofu all over his face


ONCE the musical Korean cast 2014

Gold MV ver.
Lee Chang hee(GUY)


ONCE the musical Korean cast
09/01/2015 Special night with the Swell Season


Good Bye, ONCE Korea!



ONCE the musical Korean production 2014 Showcase (2/3)

When your mind’s made up - Lee Chang hee(GUY) and Park Ji yeon(GIRL)


ONCE the musical - new poster&cast photos

(poster : Yoon Do hyun & Jeon Mi do)

GUY : Yoon Do hyun / Lee Chang hee  (double cast)
GIRL : Jeon Mi do / Park Ji yeon  (double cast)
Da : Kang Yoon seok
BARUSKA : Kang Soo jung
SVEC : Lim Jin woong
BILLY : Lee Jung soo
EMCEE : Bae Hyun sung
BANK MANAGER : Oh Jung hwan
EX-GIRL : Park Sin ae
EAMON : Jeong Seon gook
ANDREJ : Jeong Wook jin
REZA : Jo Ji seung

Eamon, Andrej, Svec understudy : Oh Jeong hoon
Bank Manager understudy : Hwang Myung ha
Ex-Girl understudy : Han Soo yeon
Baruska understudy : Kim Joo yeon