SHINEE - When they like a girl who doesn't speak Korean

*Watches you from far away, eventually builds up the courage and tries to talk to you* U-Uhm..Hello. I’m On-Lee Jinki. I-..*Forgets everything*

*Hands you a Korean-English dictionary* Annyonghaseyo, naneun Jonghyeon ibnida ! Dangsin yeppeun aleu. Dangsin-eun gonglyong eul joh-ahanayo ? *Nails it*
/Translation: Hello, I’m Jonghyun! You’re pretty. Do you like dinosaurs ?

*Speaks English with ease, is already your bestie and here you are, both of you, doing shit that best friends do*

Okay, go up to her and try your best ! *Approaches you, forgets everything and walks away* No, okay, I can do this ! *Repeats the process a few times* Aish, how do I do this ?

What do I say ? I remember a few things from English class bu- *You approach him and ask what time it is*- OhhelloIlikeyou !…*Screams internally*