lee taeyong

how to get a boyfriend - part 4

Pairing: lee taeyong x reader

Summary: “How do I get a boyfriend as beautiful as him?”

part 3

“We can’t let these two continue like this.”

“You’re right, so that means we have to do something about it.”

“Exactly! Let’s move in with the plan.”

Oblivious to those in the shadows watching her, Mina sipped on her juice as she walked around school like always. She acknowledged those who said their hellos, but made no effort of greeting them back. She just continued on her way, dodging all the loud and obnoxious people in the hall. Next thing she knew, she was pulled into an empty classroom.

“Why does this happen to me so much?” Mina complained. She pushed the person’s hands off and stood up, dusting herself off. “Taeyong. You have a really bad habit of this, which I’ve told you to stop doing numerous times.”

Instead of being greeted by the boy, she was met with Jane and Jisoo. They nervously laughed and waved. Her eyes widened.

“You’re not-nevermind.” She shook her head and held up a hand to prevent them from saying anything. They looked at each other, then back at her. “What are the two of you doing dragging me into a classroom like that?”

“Hey! You can’t be scolding us when you’re the one who’s in the wrong!” Jisoo protested.

Her hand fell down to her side. “Huh?”

“We know that boy’s your boyfriend, Mina. How come you didn’t tell us?” Jane sighed.

“Yeah, we’re your friends! Do you not trust us enough to tell us these kinds of things?”

“Woah, what? Slow down and explain.”

“We saw you and that boy in a classroom laughing and having a good time together.”

“All three of us saw it, Mina,” Jisoo mumbled and her eyes widened. Everything was starting to connect in her mind. From how weird the two of them were acting to how you avoided Mina anytime you could. She sighed.

“I see.”

Jane and Jisoo exchanged looks.

“Mina, It’s okay to have a boyfriend. We’re not going to judge you for it.”

“He is definitely not my boyfriend,” She interrupted Jane.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed, just tell us the truth.”

“Jisoo, Jane, listen to me. That boy is not my boyfriend.”

“Are you sure?”

“I am the most serious I have ever been when I tell you he is not my boyfriend,” She stressed the last part. Jane and Jisoo backed away when it seemed as if there was a scary aura around her.

“Woah, scary.”

“You can tell Y/N that too, so that Y/N has no worries when pursuing him.”

They nodded.

“Wait. If he’s not your boyfriend, then why didn’t you just tell us that you know him?”

“It’s a complicated issue,” Mina mumbled, scratching the back of her neck. Jane and Jisoo left it at that, then promised they would explain everything to you for her. She nodded and sent them on their way while she went to go look for the boy causing all of this trouble.


“Would you keep your voice down? Sh!” Jane scolded you when schoolmates gave you weirded out looks as they passed the three of you. You gasped and quickly nodded.

“So-So what you’re telling me is that those two aren’t actually dating?”

“That’s right.”

“And that I was an awful friend since I ignored my friend over a misunderstanding?”

“Well, we can’t say anything about that.”


“Because she didn’t understand that you were mad at her for a reason such as that,” Jisoo nervously laughed. You groaned and messed up your hair in frustration. Jisoo fixed it for you while you continued to rant.

“I have to go find her and apologize.”

“Yes, get the misunderstanding solved,” Jane smiled and patted your head, making you feel better about the whole thing.

“Look, there she is!”

From down the hall, Mina was walking towards you with a stoic expression and a juice box in her hand. You gasped and smiled.


She jolted from daydreaming and looked up to meet your gaze. Her eyes widened at how crazy and determined you looked. You had your hands on your hips and your legs were apart as you yelled down the hall. Everyone turned their attention towards the commotion, wanting to see what was going on.


“Yeah? Well, so do I.”


Mina chuckled and shook her head. You gathered up your courage and sucked in a breath.


A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips. “Yeah, me too.”

Tears brimmed at your eyes and you sniffled. Jane and Jisoo gave you a small push on the back and you picked up the pace. You wailed as you ran down the hall to where your friend was. She sighed at how outstretched your arms were. She was used to you jumping onto her, so now all she had to do was wait for the impact.

“I’m sorry,” You mumbled and hugged her tight. She smiled into you and gave you a squeeze.

“Why are you still apologizing? I thought we got that over with.”

“W-Well, you know. I just want to make sure we’re still friends.”

“We are.”

You grinned as the both of you pulled away from each other. Jane and Jisoo quickly caught up, wearing smiles of their own.

“Everything’s okay now, yay!” Jisoo cheered.

“I’m glad everything is cleared up,” Jane nodded in approval.

“Me too. It was seriously a bummer without you, Mina.”

Before she was given the chance to reply, a voice called out from behind them.

“That was quite the show,” The boy smirked as he walked up to them. Your eyes widened and he took notice of your awestruck face. He chuckled and stood by Mina’s side, stuffing his hands into his pockets.


“That’s right. I’m the reason why the two of you had a misunderstanding.”

You had nothing to say since you were too busy gaping at his beauty. He was even more handsome up close.

“How do you know about that?”

“Mina told me everything.”

“So you two are close.”

“That’s right,” He smiled and nudged Mina. She crossed her arms and looked away.

“You’re going to make Y/N misunderstand again, idiot.”

“Oops, my bad.” Though, nothing in his eyes showed that he had any regret. She sighed and turned back to you.

“This is Lee Taeyong, my cousin.”


With a bright, mischievous smile on his face, he laughed and waved.

“Nice to officially meet you, Y/N L/N.”

nct u + chenle reaction - their s/o being stressed/anxious about school

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genre: angst, fluff

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taeyong was excited to get home. he had been away for a while - all day - and he missed you. he was looking forward to seeing his s/o beautiful face and to just hold them in his arms. since the sm building wasn’t very far from your and his shared apartment, he got home in no time. he chuckled to himself upon entering the door, thinking about you. he knew it was late but you always, or at least tried to, stay up for him. however, as he approached the bedroom, he heard sounds he never expected to hear. he opened the door. there you were, hovered over the top of your desk with you face in the palms of your hands, you shoulders shaking as you released loud sobs. taeyong rushed over to you, bending down to your level as you sat in your chair, “hey, hey. what’s wrong?”

you felt ashamed for crying over the small matter. “i’m just so stressed. there’s just a lot of work i have to do and i just…everything is so overwhelming.” you held back a sob.

taeyong felt terrible and crouched down on the floor and guided you into his shoulder, literally giving you a shoulder to cry on. he gently stroked your hair and quietly whispered, “sh…” into your ear. and he sat there, crouched until his legs felt sore and even after that, all the way until you got everything out and felt better. he hated seeing you in such a state.

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When it’s been months since ‘Touch’ and people still complaining about ‘rappers getting vocal lines’:

Go bother Taeil stans. Seriously. Yuta has a singing line. Mark and Taeyong are better singers than WinWin and Johnny. 


♡happy birthday to mariri @limitaeless + lee taeyong♡ (insp.)