I just got caught up with 'Halt and Catch Fire.'


*squirms sadly and uncomfortably* I feel a self-fulfilling prophecy coming on with that preview for the finale, and Joe saying, “No one else will do the right thing, so why should I?” And nobody trusting him even when he tries to do good. I know I get defeated when I try to turn over a new leaf and people expect me to not change. I feel like, what’s the point in trying? No one will notice. I feel bad for Joe right now. That thing Sara said to him—"You’re an accident. You’re something that happens to people who deserve better.“ That almost broke me with how incredibly harsh it was. And then Joe trying to stand up for himself, saying, "I’m not an accident. I deserve better.” Dammit, these Joe MacMillan feels! I really want him and Sara to work. And I wanted Cameron and Tom to work. Those two pairings felt so good with each other.

When Tom was mad at Cameron and she was all, “If you’re going to break up with me, just do it,” and Tom had to explain to her that people fight all the time and it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t love each other or are breaking up, it seemed like a brand new concept to her. And he said he loved her, but she couldn’t bring herself to say it back. I took that as a possible warning sign.

I’m sure a lot of fans were thrilled to see a kiss between Joe and Cameron again, but I don’t know how I feel right now. I really liked my two new ships, but it’s looking like there’s a possibility we may get the original ship back. Joe and Cameron have each grown during their time apart, and I’m in a somewhat similar boat with my first love—where we didn’t work out before, and now we’re apart but recently reconnected at the friend level, and hope to try again in a year or two because we’ve learned from past mistakes and grown as individuals—so I can sympathize with that. If that’s the route the writers go with Joe and Cameron’s characters I can live with that, but I really don’t want to see Joe fall back into his old ways.

While we’re here though, can we talk about poor Gordon? I worry about that man so much. I sometimes have to remind myself he’s a TV character and not an actual person. I hope he manages to get the psychological help he needs. He’s a very intelligent person but his issues tend to get in the way of that from time to time.

I have no idea what I want to happen in the season 2 finale. I guess I’ll sit back and wait to see.

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Most of the season we’ve been more or less expecting him to fall back on his old ways, to become – as Sara tells him in this episode – “something that happens to people who deserve better.” Yet, over and over he’s proven to us that he’s turned a new leaf and has had to struggle with no one believing him, or has had to defend himself at every turn (his argument with Jacob this week was intense and fantastic).

This was the moment where we got to feel that struggle too, as he fends off multiple people in this episode that are holding him to his past sins. It’s almost frustrating to watch, because as a viewer we see Joe doing everything he should be doing (something he points out in his fight with Sara) and yet no one will let him evolve as a person. To make matters worse, Cameron finally realizes that Joe has changed… and uses it to take advantage of him to destroy the company that stole her code.

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Oh my god Lee Pace looks like a hott Dad with his Pornstache. For a minute, just imagine it’s after school, you’re hanging out with a friend and Lee pulls up in a hatchback and you’re like…

Y: …..Who is that?

Friend: My Dad.

Y: Holy mother of god he is fine…

Friend: Ew stop checking out my Dad!

Y: …….I am so jealous you get to kiss him….and call him Dad….

Friend: ….(T_T) I’m leaving now….

slowmotion-replay said: You are the best, really. :) Make a post about all of your Lee Pace dolls!

Awww thank you for your kind words! <3

I’ve made a few posts of pic sets/ group pic (?) of my dolls herehere and here. Maybe I’ll do another one after I make a couple more new ones! :D

jacatlyn asked:

FMK: Lee Pace, Anders, Mads Mikkelsen

I can’t believe you’re forcing me to make such life-altering choices rn

Fuck: probably…Anders. Although Mads looks like he would be amazing in bed

Marry: I want to say Lee cause I feel like he would be a super good husband, but Anders requires much protection and I want to love him forever

Kill: N O N E (I guess of them all, Mads would be first? Only cause Anders = never and Lee is a cinnamon roll)