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fc suggestions and prompts for ted??

You have no idea how excited this makes me to see. Okay, some alternates– we’ve suggested Max Irons, Lee Pace, Justin Baldoni, Chadwick Boseman, and Steven Yeun in the past for Ted. And prompts, here we go:

- MY BIGGEST FEAR IS REGRET : People focus a lot on Andromeda’s feelings and struggles when it came to her leaving her family, but what about Ted? Talk about Andromeda leaving her family from Ted’s point of view. Does he put extra pressure on himself because he’s worried Andromeda will regret leaving if he’s not worth it? Is he scared of being a target for Andromeda’s family? Talk about the feelings that came along with the happiness of getting to be with Andromeda– Ted’s worries, apprehensions, his actions, etc. 

- DORA THE TONKS : Talk about Ted being a dad. Tonks is a toddler at this point, so this can really explore any time in her early childhood– first nights with baby Tonks home? Her birth? First steps? This is a great chance to explore a more protective, paternal side of Ted.

- ON THE RUN : If you want to do a drabble that takes place during the Second Wizarding War, Ted’s time on the run would be a great time to look at. Talk about Ted’s final days on the run. If you want to kill us with angst, this is probably a good one. 

- TARGET ON MY BACK : Ted is a muggleborn that married a member of a high-profile pureblood family against the wishes of her parents. He’s not exactly without a target on his back. How does Ted feel about this? Does he get in trouble often? Has having a target on his back like this made him shy away from conflict or keep his head down, for the sake of himself and his family? A scene where Ted gets into trouble, or where he holds back in a situation where he should step up because he doesn’t want to bring attention to himself.

- THE DAD FRIEND™ : Ted has semi-adopted Sirius Black as a brother figure. A scene with Ted and Sirius, whether it’s serious or more joking. Sirius showing up to talk to Andromeda after he runs away from home? Ted completely embarrassing Sirius at Sirius’ graduation? Have fun with this one, honestly.

I hope these help! Feel free to send us another ask if you need more, and I can’t wait to read your application!

I’m such a mess right now. The bf and I watched all the behind-the-scenes of the hobbit and when it ended, well we just started crying. Like this is it you know, it’s over. No more hobbit, no more lord of the rings. No more middle-earth. And that’s sad.
But at the same time it’s so happy because it was so damn good. It was such a great journey and nothing can compare really. And not just for the audience either. For all the people who worked on it and the actors. The friendships and emotions that come with such a journey.
Like, hats off to all of them, they truly went there and back again.

Okay 😏

So, I’m being “followed” by a celebrity blogger or something. Perfect opportunity to be a nuisance to my sister who’s rich and not helping me with my medication I desperately need to sleep. So I say, “Part of me says, ‘SU, I’m in pain. The other part says, God, this is awesome. Everyone else says, Where’s the Money. I say, What have you done for me lately? Exactly. Step off. You’ll be lucky if I notice you in a Facebook post.” 🤣 Right after a post about the fact I learned that the publicist Alexis Chateau is following me on WordPress. He’s out of Atlanta where Lee Pace is shooting “Halt and Catch Fire”. How delightfully serendipitous. Or just purely coincidental. Interesting that his personal blog is following me and so is his business blog. 😁 The giggles are real. Back to work. I have a surprise for everyone. Forthcoming…The Saga of Thranduil finale (original version). The world is watching you more than me.😉

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Alias: kat or kath
Age: 22
Country: america
Hogwarts House: definitely hufflepuff
Favorite Faces: there are just so many; michael fassbender, rami malek, dev patel omg, jake weary, tom hardy, liam aiken, lee pace, richard madden sooo many more idk
Favorite Plots:  bromances and friendship reunions. dysfunctional families and tight knit families. plots that somehow incorporate lots of character development honestly. slow burn romances and falling out of love. hate turned into more hate turned into even more hate. 
Mature Plots? Y/N: burry me in them please yes thank you so much
What Would You Like to See on Edelweiss?: really creative and diverse characters! sick and sad characters you can’t help but love! amazing character development, good and bad! i want friendly and unfriendly, the kind of kids who’s walls need to be broken down! lots of queer types that you can’t help but love for odd reasons! nasty types and sugary sweet types please yes kill me
What Are You Most Excited About?: the lore! the plotting and politics and magic obviously. just exploring this new world i cannot wait for the different species and how they all interact with each other
Two Truths and a Lie: i work at a doggy daycare, I hate dogs, ive got a banana tattooed on my actual skin 
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wrote my last paper for my undergrad degree, just one more thing to edit on another project then I’m fucking done. give me my fucking degree i am so fucking ready for this shit to be over.

also im watching lincoln and its freaking me out, lee pace, joseph gordon levit, and kylo ren are in this?? it’s low key weirding me out.

the fall (2006) dir. tarsem singh is the perfect gathering of all my niche interests: the silent film industry, bold-colored fairytales, the intersection between historical fiction and fantasy, old-timey hospitals, indescribably breathtaking cinematography, a broken man finding healing with the help of a young child, lee pace’s eyebrows,

Shout out to my over-active imagination for putting 5'2" me in an empty theatre sitting and cuddling with 6'5" Lee Pace. I’ve been told one of several things: 1) I don’t look old enough to be out of high school, 2) I look like I’m 21/22, not almost 27, and 3) Lee Pace is 13" taller than me and easily twice my body weight, so next to him I would look even younger. Like Kristin Chenoweth next to him in Pushing Daisies.

But I digress. Cuddling with Lee Pace in a theatre. Where do I sign?