Lee Pace Came Out Seven Times a Week. Then He Came Out for Real.
It’s 2018 and we still don’t know what being out and gay will do to an actor’s career.

“I remember after it had happened, I was able to say that,” Mr. Pace said, recognizing the thrill of freedom in it. “I can be anything. Once you say those words and the sky doesn’t fall down, or the earth doesn’t open up, a lightning bolt doesn’t zap you. You really can be anything.”

anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering if you could explain this whole Lee Pace thing? I don't really know what happened and was hoping someone could tell me?

okaaaay so lee pace has chosen to identify his sexuality as having “dated both men and women”; he’s apparently out to his personal family/friends, etc - but he hasn’t come out to the public eye, so to speak, and likes to keep his personal life private and only likes talking about his work. not the first time someone’s tried to pressure him into talking about his personal life and he’s always handled it with class.

lee pace has taken several roles that portray his character as bisexual, gay, etc in certain films, television, and broadway productions like halt and catch fire and the normal heart, etc. etc.

so some asshole “reporter” had a phone interview with him and basically asked him about his sexuality without consent, caught lee pace off-guard, made him uncomfortable - so he’s said he’s dated men and women, but the question felt “intrusive”

sooo the asshole reporter not only made him project his personal life when he didn’t want to - outed him to the public eye, he’s also taken to twitter calling him all sorts of names and saying he’s dishonest and not doing anything for the lgbt community, misgendering him by calling him a “she”, making fun of the way lee had to come out on twitter

lee since took to twitter to clarify what happened in the subtlest way possible bc he’s super protective of his private life and i don’t blame him!! here’s the thread about it

he was forced to come out to the public eye in order to just defend his very existence against this jackass reporter despite him wanting to be pretty private about it

so basically i’m really pissed for him and that reporter can fuck off hence my post here freaking the fuck out about it lmao