Monsta X Reaction To: You bein pregnant with twins!!

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You guys have been trying to have kids for a while now so when you did the pregnancy test and it came out positive you both decided to go to the hospital and get an ultrasound. When the doctor was doing your ultrasound she told you that there were two heartbeats in your little tum, Hyunwoo’s eyes would go so wide, he was surprised in the least but also ecstatic that you were both finally starting a family together.

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You were a bit late on your period so you both decided to try a pregnancy test. When it came back positive you were both so happy. Your first appointment at the clinic was all good your baby was healthy, but when you went to find out the gender you were told you had two healthy boys. Hoseok’s face would light up like a firework and he would barley be able to contain himself from scooping you off the doctors chair and lifting you over his head.


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You both knew you were expecting one baby but when the doctor said he saw 2 heart beats, both of you would have dropped jaws and look at eachother in shock and awe. Minhyuk couldn’t be happier knowing he got to have double the fun when the two kids finally were born. You just had to explain to Minhyuk that they weren’t going to be toddlers when they were born and that he couldn’t exactly play with them until they were a bit older.

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Extremely nervous when he found out you were pregnant, worrying about being a good enough dad and how he wouldn’t always be around for you and the baby. When you both went in for a check up and found out you were having twins his stress doubled. How was he supposed to leave you with two bouncing babies while he was on tour? He would decide he needed to toughen up and be there every step of the way for you and be the best father he could.

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Nervous like Kihyun, he didn’t know how to take care of himself let alone TWO babies! He would also be pretty worried about you carrying two babies at once and how much strain that would put on your body. He wouldn’t let you do anything around the house. He would do everything for you and even try to help you cook before you shooed him out of the kitchen to leave you alone. I mean for gods sake you were only a couple of months along.

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Would have to excuse himself from the room when the doctor told you both you were having twins, he would probably cry in the hallway and call his mom. He would come back in with red splotches on his cheeks and when you asked him if he was crying he would strongly deny it and ask to see the babies on the monitor.

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Would be in complete awe when he found out you were pregnant with twins. He would always be touching your belly and wondering how you could have two little beans growing inside of you. He would never leave you alone, like Hyungwon he would make you rest 24/7 and never let you do any hard work you usually do around the house. And he would tell you how amazing you are everyday of the pregnancy.

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I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, honestly the notes don’t matter to me because this is something that goes through my mind. Fanwars are far away from my mind when I write this, the only thing I wanted to state were my feelings.


1. Suga (BTS)

- It’s okay to be a little more neutral looking or have a pokerface on most of the day. For some people it brings more comfort and it’s a kind of safe haven to keep the expressions inside. That doesn’t mean you can’t be happy, you may be jumping on the inside but never show it

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2. The8 (Seventeen)

- it’s okay to dress up in whatever you want and make your own style with it, there’s no need to wear what everyone else wears. If you like to wear your glasses on the tip of your nose then you should do so, if you want to wear clothes that have already been used then go for it. Be you.

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3. Mark (GOT7)

- it’s okay to be quiet and still happy, being quiet doesn’t mean that you’re invisible. Introverts aren’t rare. And it doesn’t mean that they’re quiet all the time, they can be just as loud as the rest. And they have the same emotions as everyone else and have the right to show themselves.

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4. Minhyuk (Monsta X)

- being all loud and happy can be normal, everyone has happy moods and shows it in different ways. Sometimes we try to be happy and then wonder if we really seemed happy enough and if we made others smile, we get insecure about ourselves. But also sometimes we’re just genuinely happy

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5. Suho (EXO)

- that everyone in life does their own thing, they all have their own activities and worries in life. As a leader I understand it must be a weird feeling. You don’t know where life leads you and still you have to keep it all together and make sure things go well. It’s like when you get older and your group of friends splits up: college, work, family life. And even though life is different for everyone, still there’s the feeling of being a group and a family. Even if you don’t get to see each other every day

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6. Jonghyun (SHINee)

- I’m sorry for this one, I really am. But this taught me how you should yell out for help on time, even if no one can help you. Just tell anyone, anyone to just be there even if you don’t speak about your struggles. This can save a lot of lives in my eyes. I know roses can’t live forever, but give them water, love and they can bloom for a long time. Thanks to this wonderful man for teaching me this

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7. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

- it’s okay if you don’t know who you are yet, if you have yourself hidden behind a different name or personality. Just as long as deep inside you feel alright and happy, satisfied with life even if it could be a lot different

- there may be many struggles on the way of growing up. But people who really love you don’t leave you behind. They may kick your ass and then tell you to continue living.

- Sadness, loneliness, emptiness: it happens to the best people you can get. It’s okay if you’re not okay, as long as there are surroundings that make your day a little bit brighter. To feel better you may have to give yourself for 300% before you feel one spark of happiness, which is tiring, but it’ll be worth it. And it’s kind of peaceminusone, even if things are missing, try to be in peace with yourself

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