vixx: a summary

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this is pure cancer. do not listen to anything im about to say because it’s all garbage (but it’s more than likely true okay they some weird muffins)

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cha hakyeon

  • mom friend™
  • lowkey wants to kill his children
  • talented at everything
  • husband material
  • “you’re doing amazing, sweetie”
  • petty af
  • extra
  • can move his hips in unholy ways
  • needs a vacation
  • scared of everything
  • secretly a kinky fuck

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jung taekwoon

  • doesn’t give a shit
  • actual grandpa
  • wants like twenty dogs, eleven cats, a pig, and a small army of children
  • needs to stop drinking so much coffee
  • highkey done with sanghyuk
  • will be the best goddamn dad in the whole world
  • will kidnap your baby
  • or your dog
  • sits like a queen™
  • acts like everyone is annoying, but really it’s him
  • daddy long legs
  • looks like a hamster when he eats

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lee jaehwan

  • literal ray of sunshine
  • his cuteness can make you vomit
  • sappy af
  • high notes make me bust a nut
  • deserves the world
  • needs to stop
  • weird
  • also can be hella rude
  • his favourite actress is usher
  • eats his cereal in a wardrobe
  • doesn’t know how to act right
  • the closer era was his best fucking fight me binch

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kim wonshik

  • sounds like a garbage truck
  • ball of fluff
  • also highkey a rude piece of shit
  • dirty minded af
  • needs a shower
  • sleeps like the dead
  • is he asleep or is he dead you’ll never know unless he’s snoring
  • kinda gay #raken
  • his dog is cuter than him
  • low pain tolerance
  • scared of bugs (even ones that can’t hurt you)
  • looks like a Korean ryan gosling (he’s more beautiful than ryan fight me binch)

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lee hongbin

  • everything that comes out of his mouth is pure acid
  • cringe king
  • needs to look in a mirror
  • cocky shit when he plays overwatch
  • lowkey a serial killer
  • id let him step on me
  • too far up park hyoshin’s ass
  • ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
  • secretly plotting to kill everyone
  • “im a bean so I dressed in green”
  • would sell you to satan for one cornchip

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han sanghyuk

  • stop
  • please
  • has surpassed the other members
  • throws everyone (especially taekwoon) around like a ragdoll
  • likes to establish dominance
  • lowkey a furry
  • watches too much anime
  • lil shit
  • probably on steroids
  • needs to shut the fuck up and drink his milk (won’t because he’s lactose intolerant)
  • definitely has a stash of weird porn somewhere (mostly hentai)
  • highkey fine af, but also highkey still a child