types of seventeen stans

s.coups stans: horny as fuck. never stop talking about his thighs. very appreciative of the hard work he puts in as the leader.

jeonghan stans: MOM. sweet and kind but once you cross them they will fuck you up. do not underestimate them.

joshua stans: GIVE HIM MORE LINES PLS. cried when he dyed his hair pink. probably watch videos of him speaking in english.

jun stans: getting more common. replay the second chorus of ‘very nice’ performances like 1000x just to see him in front.

hoshi stans: rare. very squish. very sweet. usually the funniest tbh and always happy. extremely protective over him.

wonwoo stans: very common. cried when he returned. scream whenever he raps bc how can his voice be that deep??

woozi stans: always blown away by how much talent this boy has. will defend him to their graves.

dk stans: where y’all at. blinded by his smile every time. DID U HEAR THAT HIGH NOTE. very kind. very sweet.

mingyu stans: very common too. always disgusted by snotgyu. would pay him to punch them in the face.

minghao stans: there’re more out there than you think. crawl out of their caves once in a while to defend him.

seungkwan stans: very rare. don’t say much, but won’t shut up when they do. #appreciateseungkwan2kforever

vernon stans: very common. will slap anyone who brings up smtm4. meme to the max. fiercely loyal.

dino stans: very rare as well. constantly being attacked by this boy. i don’t understand how y’all can survive stanning him.

I just finished watching the MADE movie and there was something Taeyang said towards the end of the film that really struck a chord with me. 

He started by mentioning how the term ‘Big Bang’ itself refers to a beginning in the universe. And then he continued that similarly, the five of them as Big Bang are always seeking new heights, always looking for new ideas - concepts that no one else has done - to try out. So in a way, they’re always beginning. And that even ten years on, they’re just at the beginning. 

What a beautiful and poetic way to summarise their entire career thus far as five. As sad as I am that a hiatus is nearing, Taeyang’s words were a great source of comfort and a reminder of why us fans admire them and their work so much. 

So here’s to many more beginnings with Big Bang ♡♡♡

W, ep. 4

I adore color, so I’m going to keep talking about this. In the comic book world everything is black/white with a strong primary accent. It is clean and simple without background clutter. Take a look:

I love that someone placed the glass of orange juice simply so we could have yellow present in this shot, which is a collection of vibrant colors. Is it to highlight her confusion, perhaps?

The scenes at the police station were cast in a sickly green:

The prison was stark, almost devoid of color.

But wait, now check out the real world. Look at all this clutter, with different colors spread out haphazardly. It feels chaotic and disjointed, with no theme or cohesion. It’s not thoughtfully drawn, rather it is real.

And then the ending shot. Kang Chul is now in our world, he should follow our rules, yet somehow he has brought his comic book aesthetic with him. It makes him seem even more powerful.


Taeyong 💯