woozi psa:

this is actually a prime example of why the seventeen fandom has been making me super disappointed lately. calling woozi cute is fine and yes, even though he may be shorter than the other members, there’s no need to vocalize it as extreme as the picture above. woozi has made it VERY clear he doesn’t like being called short/being constantly called cute. even though to us it may be a compliment, it’s become very obvious to not only me, but many that he wants to be looked at as handsome. his style projects his personality and he even has rapped alongside the hip-hop group. he is very insecure about his looks/height which is proven by him not including his height on profiles and how he constantly rejects compliments about him being good looking on twitter/various social media outlets. 


i understand how new fans wouldn’t realize this and thats fine, but now some are taking it to the extreme. if you’re gonna comment on his height, at least have the damned courtesy to not say it to him. if you wanna protect your ‘smoll short little tiny fairy baby’, stop promoting his insecurities, especially to him. he is a hardworking adult who would like to be treated as such, not a fairy or a baby. how many posts have to be made to get some people to understand that? 


i dont know what their doing but it’s cute as hell