lee varis

April 13th - Mindful Activities

I did my meditation today after my bike ride… the mind was a little more active but I did calm down after about 10 minutes. A lot of chaotic thoughts came through in the beginning mixed with some thoughts about my upcoming presentation tonight then, about 20 minutes into the meditation, the phone rang (I forgot to turn it off) and I answered it ending the session a little early!

My mindfulness practice takes many forms throughout the day – there are numerous little moments where I immerse myself in the moment as it were and kind of “remember myself.” The key components of these activities are simplicity of execution, daily repetition, short duration and some connection with physical sensations. Examples include: showering, making tea, bike ride, playing music, taking photos and eating a meal by myself… These moments allow for a kind of meditation in the moment where I am fully focussed on the moment-by-moment experience with no concern for interior monolog. Sights, smells and feelings make up the bulk of the experience with random thoughts appearing very distant if at all. In some ways I find these short “doings” more useful than the 30 minute meditation I engage in each day.

Meditation forms a kind of “entry to writing” invocation and in some sense that appears to be its main value. The other short mindful activities take me more into present time in a fully engaged way, without props, so it becomes more like a real practice for living. There is much less “talking to myself” kind of thoughts than when I meditate! The mindful activities indicate the potential to be more and more “in the moment” during ordinary day-to-day living as a real goal.

I continue to meditate as a cross-training device to keep my discipline of mindfulness activated in the short “doings” just in case… one foot after the other…