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For those who are curious, here’s the video, UnHyung practicing the “STRONG BABY” dance break with SeungRi for the 2010 BIG SHOW Concert.

[140430] Instagram

Photo from Jihye and Cheoljun’s wedding.

Won Ahyeon: “요즘따라 언니들 꿈을 많이꾸요.. 바쁜뽀갱언닌못와서 사진에같이없지만..ㅜㅜ”

[TRANS]: “Recently following unnis’ dreams.. even though there is no picture together with the busy bbogaeng (bokyung) unni who couldn’t come..ㅜㅜ”


Unhyung, Hyungung, Heeso, Heejin, Youngjoo, Jihye and Cheoljun went out to celebrate Miran’s birthday back in April. 

[140709] Lee Unhyung: 사랑하는 나의 친구 미란아 생일 너무너무 축하해! 벌써 십년이 되가나?! 고2때와 변함없이 한결같아서 너무 좋고,계속 함께했으면 좋겠다. 사랑해^^병수보단 덜이지만..ㅋㅋHappy birthday to ma b.f 뽁!Congratulation!!!^o^

[TRANS]: “Happy birthday to my friend that I love, Miran. It’s been already 10 years?! I like it that we’ve not changed, it’ll be good if we continue being together. I love you ^^ But less than Byeongsu..”

Lee UnHyung no longer dance for CRAZY.

it might be just a hiatus but UnHyung now works at W Seoul Walkerhill, a hotel in Seoul and focusing in school. She is currently attending BAU, BaekSeok Arts University. Hope the best luck for her, and I really do hope she returns, I’ve love her since early Big Bang days and would hate not being able to see her onstage again.