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Happy naruto headcanons

• Neji doesn’t die, After the war, Neji and Hinata often walk back together to the hyuga household after their missions, they end up taking about how they’re going to change their family, make sure the future generations won’t have to go through what they did

•Hinata and Lee taijutsu training, Hinata picks up her speed and gets more and more kickass,

•team 7 hanging out together, (without the weird love triangle thing) Sakura acts more like herself, Naruto and Sakura get into arguments over petty things #“Sasukes on my side” #“SasuKEs oN My SIdE”

•The Uchiha compound gets rebuilt and is now occupied by team taka, Suigetsu takes an interest in gardening, Karin makes really good coffee, Sasuke doesn’t comment on it but he approves, it adds a warmer more home-y feeling to the structure, helps Sasuke forget the events that took place before- a new start.

•Juugo and Shino weirdly get along with all the birds/bugs thing, Shino likes spending time with Juugo cause he doesn’t talk much and it’s often peaceful, Juugo feels the same, it’s very different to their normal backgrounds because both suigetsu, Karin and Kiba are way too loud

•Sakura becoming a medical ninjutsu teacher and promoting the idea that you can become a badass ninja regardless of what family you’re born into.

•Lee finally getting the courage to ask Sakura out, she’s busy but she gives it a chance and they go on a picnic date, by the end of 2 more years they get engaged

•Naruto and Sasuke start traveling together and realise they missed each other’s company more than ever

•TenTen and Ino start a campaign that’s goal is to demolish female stereotypes and impower women in the ninja world

•Tsunade continuing to be Hokage and deals with Orochimaru and Kabuto the in the right way

•Team 8 game night in which Hinata always wins????? and Kiba is jealous, Shino always loses concentration due to Kiba’s loud af taking and Akamaru barking in the background

•Tsunade also takes care of the Uchiha massacre along with Sasuke’s aid and they create a memorial for it

•Kakashi and Gai have a lot of time on their hands so they mostly spend their days playing board games, Kakashi complains about summer heat and takes off his mask, Gai stares at him for a whole 7 minutes without saying anything

•Sasuke can’t cook for shit; Hinata teaches him how to bake but they barely get out of it alive cause someone thought using fire style to speed up the cooking process was a good idea

•Ino, Shikamaru and Chouji hang out way too much, everyday probably, they always have breakfast together, weather it be at one of their homes or a restaurant, it was Choujis fault #“breakfast is the most important meal of the day, gotta eat it with the most important people too”. Shikamaru doesn’t mind, there’s something about the few moments before the sun rises that’s calming, there’s something about the slightly cold air that’s refreshing. Ino thinks the exact opposite, she’s tired.

•The first time Gaara sleeps, he sleeps for a whole 32 hours, Kankuro thought he died. 

•The sand siblings occasionally have something equivalent movie night, kankuro 99% of the time falls asleep, Temari tries to keep him awake but it never works #”for gods sake kankURO MOVE YOUR LEG”

•The kids at the academy have after school art lessons with Sai, sometimes Lee joins in cause he can, all the 11 year olds draw better than him

•Neji, Lee and Tenten also hang out together but they Neji and Tenten don’t often have any ideas on what to do so they let Lee pick, they end up going hiking or something, it’s nice thought the clouds look good up there. 

you can add more if you like ;—;

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