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JonghyunI really love this song (’Don’t let me go’). I cried my eyes out at our concert, making my members very startled. The lyrics are so sad.

Minho: I captured the picture I had in my head in the lyrics. To be honest, I was very shocked to hear that he cried after hearing the lyrics, but I also appreciate at it.

Onew: It’s my favourite song of this album too.

JonghyunIn Onew’s case, he was fishing. The other members were busy with solo activities like musicals and plays.

Taemin:  I think we don’t get to talk as much. During solo promotions, I get to talk about myself, but it’s not the same when we’re a group. I’m kidding. I get excited when I promote as part of SHINee. I’m worried because I can’t hold back my excitement.

OnewI got the injury during a concert, but I dance well now. I think I’m fine.