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About Sungmin and the division among ELFs

There’s been a lot of anti-Sungmin sentiment lately and I for one had no idea why there was hate for him to begin with. “Are K-ELF angry bc their bias got married??” I think that’s the most common reaction among I-ELF but that of course isn’t it. What bothers me the most is the divide between Korean & International ELF tbh. Each side calling the other stupid/ignorant bc “they don’t get it but they think they know everything” is very unfair. BOTH sides need understanding. Do research, try to hear what the other side is saying rather than judging them based on a couple of angry/hateful comments.

I did. I looked up posts from K-ELF on “reasons why Sungmin will never regain Korean fans” and read them. And you know what? I GAINED UNDERSTANDING. I finally get why K-ELF feel betrayed. But you know what else? I ultimately still support Sungmin (just FYI he’s not even my bias in SuJu so don’t go there).

I agree that the timing for his wedding was extremely poor especially considering what had happened with Leeteuk’s family & also the SS6 tour & the album promotion period. It was a selfish move to push on with the wedding. It just was. Also, him using bodyguards during fanmeetings to basically bully fans from bringing up the topic- very wrong. And denying the rumors to Korean fans but admitting it to others- also not cool. Plus, forcing his then gf’s nickname onto others via his new signature was kinda lame.

Even though I sympathize with K-ELF on those points, I still choose to support Sungmin & his wife bc at the end of the day, I feel like it was just a really unfortunate confluence of events, bad timing & yes, a tablespoon of selfishness (really like a cup if we’re keeping to cooking ratios but you get the point). They wanted to get married on the one year anniversary of their first meeting and he didn’t want to put it off bc he was enlisting 3 months later. They really wanted to be married. I can’t hate on him/them for that. Yes, it came at the expense of a couple of things- namely the inconvenience of his group but I don’t believe that means he doesn’t care about Suju anymore. He made a choice for himself and his love and put it ahead of the group. Priorities change in life, but again, it doesn’t signify that he has stopped caring about the members or the fans.

But- and I really want to emphasize this point- if the guys can move on from it, why shouldn’t we as fans? I’m not saying they’re all over it- it may well remain a sore point within the group- but to go so far as to assume that they want him out is going too far. By going against Sungmin and his participation with the comeback later this year, you are hurting the group as a whole. Losing Hangeng & Kibum was hard enough at the time, but now you expect them to expel him from the group almost 12 years into this thing (plus Kangin but that’s another topic for another day)? No. I also want to add that my main contention with the anti-Sungmin K-ELF and really with ALL fans in the world who feel like he/they/ANY idols owe their career to them (the fans). I disagree. Fan support is crucial & necessary but to say that “THEY OWE US” is going over the top imo. Just as the idols aren’t entitled to any fan support, we as fans are not entitled to access into the idols’ lives.

For the sake of full disclosure, I think most I-ELF are miffed by K-ELF, not just because of this mess but also from the Henry-ZhouMi disaster from way back when. They were not welcomed (to put it very politely) and found support from the international fans. It still breaks my heart to hear them talk about how they were THIS close to quitting bc of the backlash against them joining. Hell, to this day, a number of ELF still don’t acknowledge them as a part of Super Junior. As Heechul once said, “if you can’t support all 15 members, then what kind of ELF are you?”

I can't believe this

I can’t believe this is happening… I honestly can’t. I found Super Junior when I was around 11… I loved every single member. Every. Single. One. They were my first K-Pop group… And I still love them. And I have never been so hurt before.

I was already sad since Kyu and Ryeowook wouldn’t be able to be in this come back… I was really hoping Sungmin would get more lines or even Heechul…

You “K-E.L.F” are despicable. Our family is broken up even more now all because Sungmin wanted a happy life. All he did was got married. And I am disgusted that you all would do such things to this man that he has to withdraw from something he was looking forward to. I can’t even begin to process what he’s feeling… I can’t even deal with what I’m feeling…

He has to stop his passion because of you fake, terrible fans. Sungmin is my bias-wrecker. His voice is unique. His dancing is amazing. I love his angry singing face and his beautiful smile. And you all had to ruin it not only for me, but for our boys. Our family.

Our family is broken. All of you that wanted Sungmin out aren’t E.L.F. You aren’t Ever Lasting Friends. If you were, you would have supported your friend in his life.

You broke my heart and I’m so hurt by this… My little family is broken… and I’m so sorry on behalf of all international E.L.F that this happened and our voices weren’t strong enough… if any real E.L.F need a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to, I’m here…

Super Junior Sungmin Stays

I usually stay away from issues like this but I think enough is enough. I have been an ELF since i was 14 years old and now I am 25. I have spend my teens and twenties with SUJU, so I can proudly state that the boys have been a huge part of my life. This discussion of whether Sungmin should stay or leave is disheartening for me. Elfs and Suju are known to be family and understanding of one another. The fact that K-Elfs want to kick Sungmin out of the group because of his “unexpected marriage” is insanely immature. Who are we to dictate his marriage life? If suju have moved on, why aren’t we? Super junior always mention that even though they are missing members they are still family. Why are we forcefully taking away one of their family members? Why are we creating pain for them, when it is supposedly to be a time of happiness for them? Do you really think taking away Sungmin will make the boys happier?I can’t imagine the boys standing on stage knowing that Sungmin was kicked out because of their fandom who they praised and always felt grateful to. So K-Elfs i hope you think about the boys feelings before taking away something precious to them. Stop thinking that you own them and start treating them as human beings. Also we are older shouldn’t we be more mature?

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Super Junior’s Sungmin Apologizes To Fans And Says He’ll Withdraw From Upcoming Album

Update: Label SJ Responds To Sungmin’s Withdrawal From Super Junior Album

Earlier, Super Junior’s agency Label SJ announced that Sungmin would not be joining the SMTOWN concerts due to the recent fan boycott. In light of this, Sungmin has posted an apologetic message to his fans through his social media account.

On July 6, he wrote, “Hello, this is Sungmin. I’m writing to you all for the first time in a while for various reasons. First of all, I want to apologize for troubling so many fans. There has been a lot of negative talk surrounding me lately, but it was something I couldn’t act alone on, so I’m very sorry for the late response.

“When I look back to when I was getting ready for my marriage, I don’t think I was very considerate and truthful to my fans who have loved me for over 10 years. I think I should’ve communicated better with my fans who got hurt by various rumors and misunderstandings.

“While I was in the army, I always looked forward to promoting with Super Junior again. However, I really want the group’s next album to do well, so I have decided to withdraw from their upcoming promotions. As a member of Super Junior, I want the group to receive love for a very long time. Considering my ongoing controversy, I think my decision to withdraw from this album is best for the group.

“I’m really sorry to my fans who have loved and supported me, but I think I need more time to reflect and work harder. I ask all ELFs to support Super Junior’s upcoming comeback.”

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i… honestly don’t know what to say anymore.

i somewhat prepared myself mentally for kangin not to be in the album, but sungmin… i honestly didn’t think it was that bad.

i don’t understand, i just don’t. and before you start telling me that “k-fans have their reasons” - i read the reasons k-elfs don’t support him, both two and a half years ago when he got married and now when they announced that they’re boycotting him. i still don’t understand. sure, he could have handled the situation a bit better, but he’s just human, and nothing he did deserves this kind of reaction.

i’m angry that k-elfs have the most power over suju, and int-fans can’t do anything about it. i get that they’re a korean group and obviously they want to cater to the korean market first of all, and that’s fine, i have no problem with that. what angers me is that the k-elfs have so much power that they can get a member to leave the group - they did it with henry and zhou mi (preventing them from joining the group in the first place) and they’re doing it now with kangin and sungmin. while i understand why kangin has to take more time to reflect (even though i don’t agree with that and i think he’s been punished enough), i don’t understand why sungmin has to leave.

we’ve waited TWO YEARS for this comeback. most of us waited two years to see sungmin back from the army and in the comeback. and now he’s not going to be there because… he got married? that’s basically the whole thing. they’re boycotting him because he dared to be happy and have a life that doesn’t involve elfs or suju.

i’m angry, and hurt, and i have no idea what to do or say or feel.

i’ll still support super junior, because i always have and i always will. but i really hope he won’t feel he has to leave the group completely, that he’ll be back in the next comeback (which hopefully won’t take another 2 years).

we’ve already lost 2 members, there are 2 who could and should have been a part of the group, and now we’re potentially going to lose 2 more. 

i’m just… hurt. i don’t know what else to say.