lee suk tae

boyfriend goals:

  • lee jong suk
  • not someone who acts like one of his characters
  • not someone who looks like him
  • lee
  • jong
  • suk
  • he is everything the hopeless romantic in me wants
  • lee jong suk is everything
The fact that the You Are Beautiful Cast are still friends makes me super happy

Geun Suk and Shin Hye (ft. Hongki chilling in the back) in 2009:

Geun Suk and Shin Hye in 2014:

Hongki and Yonghwa in 2009:

Hongki and Yonghwa in 2013:

Shin Hye and Yonghwa in 2009:

Shin Hye and Yonghwa in 2012:

Hongki, Shin Hye and Yonghwa at an event together:

But I do really want an updated Brot4 picture~

Sometimes I wonder how great genes ancestors from Lee dynasty must had:

It’s usually like this. I find out about some new korean actor and I find him so hot and his family name is always Lee. Like..

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