lee song hee il



I had watched ‘Night Flight’ and ‘The Lover’ and let me tell you how refreshing it is to see Lee Jae Joon on screen acting. As an rising new actor that debuted not long ago I got to say I’m very excited to see what he would bring to our future screens 📺

Both ‘Night Flight’ and ‘The Lover’ gives you two different elements as ‘Night Flight’ is more serious and deep while ‘The Lover’ is more soft hearted, but both roles are queer characters. I got to say Lee Jae Joon portrayed both characters very well, so impressed with how good he acted to me it didn’t felt like I’m watching a rookie acting at all. His acting is so realistic, honest and detailed, especially how he handled his facial expressions, body language, gestures and tone of voice. He also made me cry with his acting for both films; like seriously if an actor have the ability to touch you like that with their acting, you know he did justice to his role 👌🏽

Not only his roles that I adore him in but as a individual I really respect him. I love how open minded and unbiased he is because in Korea where some people are still not very opened to it; Lee Jae Joon is a breath of fresh air. I love how he tackled the questions so smoothly and professionally, you’re the real mvp 🙇🏾🙌🏽

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Credit: Translation yijaejun 🙆🏻❤️