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having secret girl talk about the boys of the house when sora spills the beans

Since we're talking casting news anyway....

So apparently, Marvel did a “take-back” on the Mandarin in IM3 and apparently, the real Mandarin is still out there and he (or she) is not happy about their name being dragged into all this mess with Tony Stark. 

I submit the following ladies as the Mandarin.  Screw all the old-timey Fu Manchu Godawful Stereotyping.  I want a villain who’s smart, who’s not going to whinge to Tony Stark about their insulted masculinity.  I want someone who’s deadly, who ain’t got no time for macho bullshit, who is ready to come out of the shadows and make everyone dance to their tune and who will even make HYDRA fear them.  

Fan Bing Bing

Lucy Liu

Ha Ji Won

Also, I submit the following for a different take on Doctor Strange:

Michelle Yeoh

Ming Na Wen - Plot Twist - Agent May is really the Sorcerer Supreme in disguise/lost her memory/and she’s coming back with a vengeance….

Lee So Yeon


”Present. This English word has two meanings. ”Gift” and ”Now”. Perhaps, it means that the most precious gift is present, the very time before us. Although we constantly bickered, and pestered each other, we leaned on each other, rubbing skin. Those happy times. 1994, we were spending, a gift like time, together.”