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Ben Savage posted this picture of essential characters from both Boy and Girl together on twitter.

Back row: (From the left) Rider Strong, Cheryl Texiera, Danny McNulty, William Russ, Betsy Randle, Lee Norris, Will Friedle, Anthony Tyler Quinn.

Front row: (From the left) August Maturo, Danielle Fishel, Sabrina Carpenter, Rowan Blanchard, William (Bill) Daniels, Ben Savage, Uriah Shelton, Lily Nicksay, Lindsay Ridgeway.


This is the sad and unlikely story of two sisters that went missing 32 years apart. One was found dead. There’s no trace of the other.

Deborah Lee Shelton was 12 on the morning of January 3rd, 1969, when she begged her mother Marcia to let her go ride a mini bike with her friends. Marcia, a widow who had lost her husband three years before, finally relented, but told her to be back before noon.

The girl didn’t come back. Later that same day, before Marcia realized her daughter was missing, she received a phone call. A young voice told her Deborah had been kidnapped, and demanded a $500 ransom. Thinking it was a prank, the woman hung up.

Deborah’s body was found on March 8 of that year, in a wooded area about 100 miles from where she was meeting her friends. It was so badly decomposed that they had to identify her through dental records. The best they could tell was that the body had been out there for at least a month, that her hands and mouth had been taped and that she had been strangled with her own underwear. It was impossible to say if she had been sexually assaulted.

The only clue they had was the testimony of a friend of Deborah’s who claimed the girl was going to meet an older man called Sherman to go riding together. But “Sherman” was never found, and the case turned cold.

Years passed and then came the second tragedy. Deborah’s younger sister, Victoria Lee Specials, disappeared on December 18, 2001. She was 44, and had agreed to stay at the house of her ex boyfriend to take care of the dog while he went to visit his mother for the holidays. 

When Marcia hadn’t heard from her daughter in several days, she contacted the ex, and he told her Victoria had gone to San Francisco for New Year’s. However, Marcia went to check her house and found Victoria’s purse, with her money and identification on the couch, which made a sudden trip anywhere unlikely.

Both cases are still open, without any leads or suspects named.

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