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Ethereal ; G-Dragon

Characters: Jiyong (G-Dragon) / Reader //slight mention of bigbang members
Genre: Alternate universe, fluff??, romance
A/N: this was a prompt that was requested, but since we are no longer doing that (kinda) this happened? i dunno. technically it’s the same thing, we’re just not drawing names out of a hat // also i’ll just be using seungri’s stagename since it’d be confusing to have two seunghyuns in one story // this is also really long oops

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Daesung groaned, throwing his head back onto the couch. “One day,” he mumbled, “can’t you two go one day without insulting each other?” He asked, his voice desperate. The usual sunshine of your group was honestly tired of your constant bickering you did with Jiyong. “No,” the two of you said in unison, turning to narrow your eyes at each other.

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bigbang vs live singing

taeyang: makes all of his already really long notes even longer until he can’t breathe and he dies
seungri: has perfect pitch but gets hate for lip syncing even though he’s just that good
daesung: *melts faces*
g dragon: *awkward honking* 
t.o.p: *finger guns*

BIGBANG as Sons of Gods/Goddesses


G-Dragon/Jiyong: Son of Persephone

  • eyes and hair change color depending on the seasons
  • lowkey loves picking flowers but doesn’t do it in front of people
  • doesn’t like his father but associates with him because he wants to be the heir of the Underworld
  • sneaks out and hangs with Youngbae

Taeyang/Youngbae: Son of Demeter

  • only showed himself during the yearly crop harvest
  • hates Hades for taking his sister, Persephone, but glad he atleast got to see her for four months out of the year.
  • is actually really close to Jiyong
  • his mom gave him a piglet for his 20th birthday

T.O.P/Seunghyun: Son of Dionysus

  • makes the finest of wines
  • turned his father’s lyrical poems into raps
  • happiest during harvest time because he gets to show Youngbae his new wines
  • loves watching theater shows that honor his father

Daesung: Son of Kratos

  • has a daily workout schedule
  • wears sleeveless tops because theM ARMS
  • is left out most of the time due to his father not being a “real God”
  • can be out of control sometimes, so his father chains him up to prevent any damages that could happen

Seungri/Seunghyun: Son of Hermes

  • loves traveling, has many friends all over the mount
  • very cunning and clever
  • able to make undeniable deals with people
  • his cunning appearance makes ladies swoon over him

kpop gods as sons of greek gods/goddesses. :-)

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To our Seungri who has worked so hard over these ten years, thank you for always doing your best and bringing joy to everyone around you. Thank you for always trying your best when contributing towards Big Bang. Thank you for always trying to communicate with your fans better. Thank you for being such an amazing person. Happy Birthday to Big Bang’s one and only & forever maknae Lee Seunghyun. Thank you for being born. 

Professor Kwon: Chapter III

Genre: Teacher AU, Smut, Fluff, Angst.

Word Count: 3,460

Chapter: 3/?

Pairing: G-Dragon x Reader

Warnings: Once again, there won’t be any until like the 4th chapter ;)) Please hold on until then bbs.

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“You know Y/N, I must admit you’re improving. It appears my warning has gotten through that dull head of yours”, Mr. Kwon paced back and forth slowly in front of my desk as he spoke.

“With all due respect sir, I do believe my head is not dull and that I am improving at my own will. Not because you told me to do so,” I bit back.


Suddenly, Mr. Kwon’s hands slammed down on the surface of the wooden desk. His body lurched forward slightly and his gaze captured my own.

“What? Just because you wrote one decent paper, you think you have the power to question my authority?” he glowered at me and I shivered with a sickening mixture of anger and annoyance. “You will have to do a lot more than whine about your autonomy before I think of you as anything more than a subpar student”.

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