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[TRANS/INTERVIEW] Gu Family Casts on Suzy

Jin Kyung (Yeo Joo)

“Suzy and Junho are both idols. Seeing them work as actors is really amazing for me.
Especially Suzy, even though we’re shooting overnight, she never puts on a frowning face. She’s really pretty. That’s why I asked, "How can you be that pretty? that cute?”. But all she did was smile with her front teeth showing. It’s really cute.“ 

Jo Sung Ha (Dam Pyung Joon)

Q: During filming, which cast makes a good atmosphere on set?
” Of course it’s Suzy. That girl takes up the “freshener” role.“
Q: Is suzy unnie pretty? (from an audience)
"Very pretty. Suzy gives me a lot of gifts and plays with me on set. (Laughs) She also do cute dances for me. She even gave a signed cd to my daughter as a present. I received a lot of love at home after that." 

Lee Seung Gi (Choi Kang Chi)

Q: Suzy’s charm?
"I never heard her say, ”(I’ll do it) As I’m relaxed.“ She will come out to the set and start a conversation making the atmosphere lighter. Sometimes she’ll just be standing in the set even though there is no filming going on. Also, being a celebrity with big profit, I like how she is clever on handling it." 

Seo Bu Gwan

"I didn’t want to shoot(Laughs)(He meant, killing Yeowool). Suzy was always filled with "fighting”. In fact, while filming the drama, I heard bad talks about this and that. But I never heard those coming from Suzy. 
It’s my first time seeing someone greet that well. She always greets everyone she passes by (or talk with). When the first take ends, “Seo Bu Gwan oppa!Fighting!” with these words, I can’t help but to gain strength. (Laughs).“

Choi Jin Hyuk (Gu Wol Ryung)

"I thought Suzy would really have a hard time shooting (this drama), but she said that there is no need to show that kind of expression. Despite her busy schedule, she doesn’t look tired at all. Sometimes there is overtime in filming, I don’t see her complain. 
She’s a really famous star, but despite that, she stays humble and show good personality." 

Lee Yoo Bi (Park Chung Jo)

"Of all the casts, I was closest to Suzy. We have a lot of similarities and we suit each other well. She has always been a bright and good friend. When we want to talk, we call each other. Even things we couldn’t say, we know the pains the both of us feel. Like this, I gain strength from my collegue.

Suzy is always looking forward/straight. Because she’s pretty, should I go by how I like it? She’s really pretty. During the script reading she embraced me and patted my back. While patting she said, "You’ve worked hard”. That moment, I felt that a Yeowool-Chungjo couple is really possible, just needs a little push. :D" 

Trans by: mars_1307