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Making It Up

bagelalter asked: “can I request a Seungri scenario where he’s making it up to you after a petty argument, please?”

Hello~. Thank you for requesting! This is my first BIGBANG scenario request! I hope you like it and I’m sorry for my slow, lazy ass. Gif isn’t mine!!

Characters: Seungri x You

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1021

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

It had been an hour and Seunghyun was still following you around like a lost puppy. You knew it wasn’t the best reason to get frustrated, but you had a lot of things to finish today. You had nicely asked if Seunghyun could clean the dishes as you went to the grocery store. About 40 minutes later, you came back to dirty dishes in the sink.

“Y/n. Y/n, baby. I’m sorry.” He apologised as he followed you as you put the vacuum away.

You ignored him, walking towards your shared room to grab the laptop to start on some of your work. “Y/n..” Seunghyun whined, “talk to me please.”

He grabbed your hips, turning you to face the opposite direction and started to guide you in front of him. “I did the dishes..” He said when you both made it to the kitchen, with a hint of hope in his voice.

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Maknae is the MC! The crowd-pleaser! The star! He rapped T.O.P.’s part in Fantastic Baby. He was so talkative as always. He’s the most good-looking!!!! (im sorry im so biased). 

Intro: “Philippine(s) HELLO!”

Seungri: I love this place!! I love the weather, the street, and I love Philippine ladieeessss!

*points at some random fans* 

Seungri: “CUTE NIYO PO!”

VIPS: *screams*

*points to another fan*

Seungri: CUTE MO PO!

*points at the upper box section*

Seungri: And YOU!


*forgot what he wants to say*

VIPS: *laughs*

“Singapore! Did you guys have a good time tonight?”

Yes, he said “Singapore” hahaha!

“This is awesome!!! Super super awesome!!!”

“I want to live here! I will buy a house and live with you guys!”

Taeyang: You have to show them something.

Seungri: *laughs*

VIPS: Seungri! Seungri! Seungri! Seungri!

Seungri: Okay! I can do “Pabebe”.

I will show you my “pabebe”.

*does the gwiyomi*


150801 - Useung

오늘이 데뷔2주년인지 너희들의 트윗터 울림으로 알았어ㅠ
주위에서 떠들어대는 말들 하나하나 새겨두고 독을품고 있어
미안하단말을 고맙단말보다 많이한거같은데 .. 고마워
내결정 존중해줘서 응원해준것도 고맙고

I know today is the 2nd anniversary with all the Twitter vibrationsㅠ
I’m sorry, I was fed up with the uproar, I will engrave each word one by one, thanks, I have a lot to think about .. thank you for respecting my decision and those who supported, I’m grateful


This translation is not 100% accurate. Correct me if necessary.

Credit: Useung
Source: huna126@Instagram
Eng Trans: CyCi@M.pire Kingdom