lee seunggi

what I like the most is that him talk like singing sometimes at the end of a phrase …putting emphasis in vocals 😂😂😂
I need his “phrase” as msg notification

what lee seung gi (ep1 & ep3) says often singing is (correct me if I am wrong)
(cant take that phrase out of my head)

싫은데 ,내가, 왜?
얼마 줄까은데? ~♪

shironde ,naega ,wae?
eolma julkka eunde? ~♪

I dont want , Why would I? (I ,Why?)
How much would you give me? (How much would it cost?) ~♪

No quiero , ¿Por qué debería yo? (Yo ,¿Por qué?)
¿Cuánto costaría? (¿Cuánto me das?) ~♪


From now on, call me. When you’re eating, call me. I won’t leave you alone and stay with you. You better call me.

I’ll be waiting for you to call me.”


You became my love
You became my world
I don’t hate this right now
So I’ll always be by your side

Seeing how weak I got
I tried to escape from you
But in the end, I’m by your side again

~ lyrics excerpt,  I Will Be By Your Side, Hwayugi OST Part 3

Anyone else watching Hwayugi? 100% recommend it for the acting and the ensemble cast. It’s light and a real no-brainer so if you’re looking for something to watch for 90 minutes and not think too much, this is it.

I’ve never been a fan of Lee Seunggi although I have seen him on shows, he’s just been one of those pleasant people onscreen I’ve been quite indifferent towards. This show, I have to admit, is the turning point. He pulls off the amoral and selfish deity to boot. There’s something about trickster Gods that are irresistible (read Loki) and Son Oh Gong is my new favorite.

I also adore the fact that the female protagonist is emotionally vulnerable and real but will not let that get the better of her. She is clearly lost and alone and needs someone to be there to fall back upon but at the same time realises that Son Oh Gong is only there because the bracelet makes him.

And speaking of the bracelet, involuntary love is a popular trope but I love the portrayal here with the reality of messy emotions and the awareness that the line between reality and magic is blurred and thus cannot be trusted. Both characters involved know and understand that Son Oh Gong’s feelings are a direct product of the bracelet (for now at least) and that in itself is a nice concept.

The ensemble cast is hilarious and share their own intricate subplots, which I’m sure will go hand in hand with the overarching end goal of ending world destruction.

If you’re looking for something to curl up to and don’t mind a few jump scares from ghosts, Hwayugi is the answer.